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Koo Demos cycling sunglasses review

8 Jan 2021

An excellent set of sunglasses that look good, are comfortable and reasonably priced

Cyclist Rating: 
Good fit •Ventilation works • Solid lens • Comfortable
Other glasses in same price range have an additional lens option

I like the Koo Demos sunglasses a lot. Not just because they are worn by the Trek-Segadredo men’s and women’s teams – proud purveyors of the two best kits in professional cycling as things stand – but because they do the job they promise to do.

The first thing a set of cycling shades needs to master is the lens. After all, your sight is your friend when riding on two wheels and we need it to be assisted in every way possible.

The entire Demos range is fitted with polycarbonate anti-reflective lenses from Zeiss, a company well known for making high-quality lenses for all types of appications. With the white-framed set of Demos glasses I was given to test, I was provided with a light brown lens which allows a VLT (Visible Light Transmission) of 23%, the kind of percentage best utilised on those grey days from autumn through to spring.

This was where I found the Demos glasses to have the most success but I also found they were perfectly functional in the brightest conditions too.

It is lucky that this light brown lens does well in bright lights, however, unlike almost every other set of cycling sunglasses on the market currently, an additional lense is not part of the package. It's not that you can't swap out the lens – you can – it's just that Koo only sells the 58% VLT low-light Rose lens as a separate piece.

While hardly a dealbreaker, it does mean you will have to settle for the lens/frame combination offered by Koo rather than being able to mix light transmission of lens with the colour of frame, as you would with a brand such as SunGod, for example.

Whatever lens you go for, it will be one piece of uninterrupted polycarbonate with a design that wraps itself almost entirely around your field of vision, a huge benefit in not only keeping your eyes protected from light at all angles but also from anything that could be thrown up from the road.

It also sees the Demos sunglasses conform to the oversized sunglasses that are very much de rigeur among manufacturers currently. While some are turned off by this ‘bigger is better’ approach, I personally like it, not only because the wider shade suits my bigger head shape, but also because it makes me nostalgic about the wrestler Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

I also like the single colour frame – in this case, white. It’s a clean finish that is unlikely to date and can be matched with near enough any helmet/outfit choice I opt for.

For more on the Koo Demos sunglasses, visit Koo's website here

As well as looking good – in my own opinion, feel free to disagree – the Demos sunglasses are very comfortable.

The rubber non-slip arms feel secure without slowly indenting the side of your skull, the adjustable nose piece offers your snout a hug rather than an arm wrestle and the fact the glasses sit further from your face means they are not squeezed against your cheeks and forehead like a set of skiing goggles.

Design-wise, Koo has also cracked the ventilation woes that often plague good cycling sunglasses. Four small vents, two on the brow and two below the eyes allow enough air through to prevent fogging but not enough to dry out your eyeballs. I’d be lying if I said fogging up was completely eradicated but it certainly goes a long way.

And as a bonus, the Koo Demos sunglasses fit perfectly in my favourite Kask Valegro helmet, too.

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