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The future is simplicity

J Cool wrench
Jordan Gibbons
25 Feb 2016

Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

There are quite a few of us in the office that you could consider ‘tool hounds’. James’ favourite tool is the headset press, Stu loves his CK BB tool and until recently mine was the gear hanger alignment tool. I love it because it is simple – you thread it into the hanger and then use the leverage provided by the tool to bend the hanger back straight. Brutal really. But now I have a new favourite tool because it is even simpler still.

Enve stem bolt

The JCool L wrench is my new favourite tool because you can use it to do just about every task required on a bicycle. There are ten bits, including Torx and Allen (2mm to 8mm), along with flat and Philips screwdrivers. Pop the bit in the end, tighten up the bolt (not too tight!) and be done with it. If it needs to be tighter, say for a pedal, swap to the other end and utilise the magical increased leverage of the other side of the wrench.

No ratchets and no flappy chain breaker/spoke key thing to get in the way. It makes hard to reach face plate bolts and bottle cage bolts a thing of the past. What’s more, the bits are good quality and have a square end, so you’re much less likely to round out small bolts.

Water bottle bolt

If you have a tendency to overdo things and snap bolts, J-Cool also produces torque sleeves that are equally genius. Unlike a regular torque wrench that clicks to indicate the bolt is up to torque, the sleeve on the J-Cool just slips so it is impossible to miss the click and keep going until you break something.

So in love am I with the L wrench that I carry it virtually everywhere with me, and I haven’t even got to the best bit yet: it costs just £9.

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