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Altura Nightvision Hurricane jacket review

22 Jan 2021

The Altura Nightvision Hurricane jacket will keep you dry and make sure that you’re seen too

Cyclist Rating: 
Good breathability despite full waterproofing • Lots of reflectives
Sizing is on the large size • Collar is a bit loose

Altura majors on reflective elements on its gear and the Nightvision Hurricane jacket does a good job of upping your visibility on dark rides.

Rather than giving you a few small reflective patches, the jacket has large panels of dark reflective material and printed-on reflective patterning.


In daylight they’re subtle, with zigzag patterning over the outer arms and shoulders and over the hips. That’s complemented by fully reflective strips on the arms, sides and a wide reflective area across the bottom rear, which is dropped slightly to add extra protection from road spray.


The detachable hood too has side panels made of the zigzag pattern reflective fabric.

In daylight, the Nightvision Hurricane jacket has a subtle metallic sheen to it, but at night it shows up astonishingly brightly in headlight beams, the large reflective areas and contrast between the part-reflective and fully reflective panels ensuring plenty of road presence.


Alura’s jacket isn’t just about being seen though: it’s fully waterproof too, with a breathable membrane-based fabric and fully taped seams. It handled both drizzly rides and full-on downpours comfortably, without wetting out or letting rain in.

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There’s a waterproof full zip backed by a storm flap, so little chance of water finding its way in there.

Comprehensive waterproofing can lead to a sweaty ride, but the Nightvision Hurricane jacket is made from fabric that’s breathable enough for this not to be a problem. I did get a little damp when riding hillier routes, but no more so than if I were wearing an insulated windproof jacket.


The Hurricane jacket is windproof as well as waterproof, so I was fine wearing a wind-permeable long sleeved jersey underneath, even on colder rides.

Air circulation is helped by the inclusion of venting darts at the rear of the shoulders. You can go further by opening the pit zips under the arms, while the two large, zipped front pockets have forward-facing covering flaps that help force even more air over you if needed.

There’s a third zipped breast pocket for extra carrying capacity.

Altura’s kit tends to be generously sized and this was true of the Nightvision Hurricane jacket, which Altura categorises as having a relaxed fit. There was loads of room inside and I could easily have taken a small rather than the medium tested.

The fabric is stiff enough not to be prone to wind-flap though, and the bottom hem drawcord means that you can cinch it in close.


There’s no corresponding adjustment at the collar. It’s high and fleece-lined, but a draught found its way in there, making a buff a useful addition to plug the gap.

The hood attaches with two poppers at the back and via Velcro pads that poke into small pockets in the jacket’s collar, leading to a neat connection. You need to be careful how you handle it though, as I ripped the fabric around one of the press studs tugging at it to remove the hood.


There’s just about enough room to fit a helmet under the hood without the shoulders being pulled up. A small stiffened peak helps keep the top of the hood in place and there is a drawcord and volume adjuster to fine-tune the fit.

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So the Nightvision Hurricane jacket would work well off the bike as a general purpose rain jacket as well as for riding. With its subtle reflectives it’s not overly bike-orientated either.

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