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Assos Mille GT Spring/Autumn long sleeve jersey review

3 Mar 2021

From Assos's entry-level Mille GT range, this long sleeve jersey has luxury qualities at a more affordable price point

Cyclist Rating: 
Warm fleeced front • Comfortable • Stylish
Lacks a rear zipped pocket • Thin back can leave you cold

The Assos Mille GT range is the affordable face of the famous Swiss luxury cycling brand. Just as Georgio Armani has its more high-street, wallet-friendly Armani Exchange offshoot, the Mille GT collection is Assos’s way of offering high-end cycling clothing but at a more affordable price point.

Within that range is its Mille GT Spring/Autumn long sleeve jersey which, granted, is still expensive at £120, but this is the same brand that sells  its Equipe RS winter jacket for £575 and Equipe RSR bibshorts for £255. And to be fair, Assos can justify those prices since its top-end clothing is exceptional and you do get what you pay for.

The question is: is this also the case for Assos’e entry-level range?

In a word, yes, at least as far as the Mille GT long sleeve jersey is concerned. Having been testing it since the start of the year, across the slow increase in temperature and improvement in the weather, I’m left convinced that this is a jersey that borrows high-quality performance despite not matching that with cost.

Firstly, it is as comfortable as any long sleeve jersey I’ve used due to two things: the fit and the materials it is made from.

Buy the Assos Mille GT long sleeve jersey now from Condor Cycles for £120

The Mille GT range has been afforded a more relaxed cut compared to Assos’s other ranges. I felt like there was more room to manoeuvre and didn't feel like I was battling a constricting torso of Lycra that had me wrapped up like a corset. I could actually breathe, which was a relief considering a triple attack of lockdown, Christmas and an untimely leg injury have been far from kind to the waistline.

There’s certainly enough room to grow with this jersey, which is good news for any cyclist not quite at 'race weight'. 

And that’s not to say this jersey was baggy, mind, as there was still a racy feel to it. Just take the sleeves which were so snug they morphed to my biceps with such love they could even make my noodle arms look as if they belonged to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Along with the fit, the jersey’s comfort was also in large part due to the materials used by Assos, particularly the warp-knit RX fleece-like fabric that lines the front of the jersey. It’s so soft, each time you wear the jersey, it’s like you are getting a cosy hug from a loved one, it’s very nice.

That RX material also goes a long way in keeping you warm. Designed for spring and autumn, this jersey is designed to function best in temperatures between eight and 18 degrees. However, if paired with a good quality merino base layer, that fleeced material easily does a job closer to five degrees – it’s really that warm.

However, the same cannot be said for the back portion of the jersey where Assos has used a ‘Type.157 Stripe Tex’ breathable knit material for quick drying and sweat-wicking. While it does those aforementioned jobs very well, being a thinner material I found that the cold weather could penetrate it much more easily and leave me catching a chill if my base layer choice was not spot on.

One to keep an eye on for any potential purchasers.

Another gripe I have with the Mille jersey is the lack of a zipped pocket. It’s such a valuable yet simple bell and whistle for any jersey or jacket in regards to keeping valuables safe and secure, and it is just a bit gutting that it’s lacking here, especially because the pockets are otherwise very good, sufficiently deep and tight enough to keep your bits and bobs still while riding.

However, that’s where my issues with the jersey end, to be honest, as it has served me very well up until now.

That classic Assos ‘A’ patterning under the arm is a lovely design touch that also helps with keeping you visible to other road traffic. The navy jersey I was sent to test is certainly a colour that’s in fashion and the finishing feel of the front panel reminds me of 1980s synthetic track tops which are all the rage again, too.

Buy the Assos Mille GT long sleeve jersey now from Condor Cycles for £120

So on balance, yes, £120 is a lot of money but I do think you get what you pay from the Mille GT long sleeve jersey. The good stuff found in Assos’s more expensive ranges has undoubtedly trickled down and you certainly feel like you are riding in a luxury piece of cycling kit.

And anyway, can you really put a price on dressing like the iconic Assos man? I think not.


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