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Lazer Sphere Mips helmet review

16 Mar 2021

The Lazer Sphere Mips brings high-end tech in a mid-priced helmet

Cyclist Rating: 
Comfortable • Good airflow • Mips liner
Slightly small for larger heads

The new Lazer Sphere helmet brings you many of Lazer’s high-end features with a more wallet-friendly £120 price tag.

That starts with the Advanced Rollsys adjustment system. Rather than the more typical dial on the rear of the cradle, the fit is changed with a knurled wheel that sits in the top rear of the shell.


It’s a feature that Lazer has used extensively on its higher priced helmets like the Z1 and the Genesis, and leads to easy adjustment and a smarter, cleaner look to the rear of the helmet.

In the Lazer Sphere it allows the helmet’s shell to make a lower arc at the back of the head, as there’s no need to make space for a dial adjuster.

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There’s plenty of up and down adjustment to the cradle, for a secure fit around the rear of the head.


Lazer has added a Mips liner to the Sphere too. Again it’s a feature that used to be mainly the preserve of pricier lids, but is trickling down to lower priced helmets. Designed to slide within the helmet shell in the event of a crash, the Mips liner should help lessen the likelihood of brain injury.

The Sphere’s open design is reminiscent of pricier helmets as well. The longitudinal ribs help direct airflow over the head well and there are large vents at the front and rear and good internal channelling that should help keep you cool once the weather warms up.

If you do want to lower ventilation though, the Sphere is compatible with Lazer’s Aeroshell cover. Again, Aeroshell compatibility is a feature more normally seen on Lazer’s more expensive helmets. It should provide some extra rain protection and an aero advantage too, as that was the Aeroshell’s original purpose.


Internal padding is fairly straightforward, with a long single pad over the crown of the head, a couple of longitudinal pads at 45 degrees in the shell and a long pad across the brow. It’s fine for comfort though and is well positioned to avoid pressure points.

Buy the Lazer Sphere Mips helmet from Freewheel now

The front-to-back fit in the size large helmet I tested was just about okay for me, although the Sphere came out a bit closer than most Lazer helmets I’ve tested and I was at the upper limit of adjustability.

If you’ve got a particularly large head, you might need to size up to the extra-large size for an adequate fit. Again, the provision of four size options is impressive in a mid-range helmet.


One feature that extends a helmet’s longevity is if the outer shell covering extends to cover the EPS foam layer at the bottom edges - it’s reasonably easy to gouge the EPS layer if not.

In the Lazer Sphere, the EPS foam is covered at the rear of the helmet, but not at the front. That feels like a reasonable compromise in a helmet at this price and should help keep the helmet looking smarter for longer.

Overall, the Lazer Sphere provides a lot of features for your cash. At 320 grams for a size large it’s not overly heavy either.

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