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Santini 365 Raro Thermofleece bibtights review

22 Mar 2021

The Santini 365 Raro Thermofleece bibtights are a comfortable weight for a variety of conditions and come with a decent seatpad

Cyclist Rating: 
Enough warmth for cooler day • Plenty of stretch
Mid-range seatpad • Same fabric used for uppers as legs

Santini’s mid-priced Raro bibtights are a good option for medium length rides when the temperature is below the mid-teens. The dense, fleecy fabric offers plenty of warmth and the fit is comfortable with good stretch, so that there’s no rucking behind the knees or rubbing on longer rides. The outer leg seam is flatlocked, also helping to avoid discomfort.

Santini hasn’t added any frills to the Raro tights, so the same fabric is used for the bibs. That means that there are fewer seams in the upper section than on some tights and there’s a rolled and hemmed edge to the braces rather than a more flashy hemless, flat design over the shoulders.

Both at the front and in the yoke, there’s plenty of coverage for good overlap with your jacket.


I didn’t find the warm upper construction a problem; there’s lots of stretch and the extra warmth mid-back didn’t lead to excessive heat build-up.

The Raro tights fit well and are true to size, with the medium fitting me fine. There’s no excess fabric but also no tight spots.

Buy the Santini 365 Raro Thermofleece bibtights now

Santini seems to make the Raro tights in a couple of different designs, with different logo placement and reflectives. Mine had a long reflective strip printed on the bottom of each leg at the rear, although others have reflective tabs mid-leg.


Both use Santini’s new eMax seatpad though. Helpfully, Santini gives you a ride duration for all its pads, ranging from one hour up to eight, with the eMax rated at three hours. That sounds spot on. I was comfortable enough for rides a bit longer than that, but I’d choose something else over the Raro tights for an all-day winter outing.

The pad is curved and has small venting holes at its front end, with a smooth, seamless facing fabric. Inside, the foam is perforated and Santini claims 90kg/m3 density. It’s perfectly comfortable, but feels a bit more yielding than the foam in a top-flight pad. There’s a differently shaped women’s version used in Santini’s women’s tights.


Another area where Santini has gone for a straightforward approach is the cuffs on the legs. There are no zips to help you get the Raro tights on and off, just a simple stretchy cuff.

Again, I found that this worked just fine; there’s enough stretch to pull the tights on and off without difficulty and it’s one less thing to stop working properly.

Buy the Santini 365 Raro Thermofleece bibtights now

Warmth-wise, the Raro tights handled a good range of temperatures, from the low single digits up to mid-teens without feeling either too cold or too hot, so they’re a good option for UK riders. Even on colder, windy days there’s enough density to the fleece and the facing fabric to keep you warm.

The £90 price tage seems reasonable for a pair of bibtights that should see you through the worst of a UK winter and into the spring. The Santini 365 Raro bibtights feel durable and well made, so they should last well too.

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