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Le Col Pro Blackout Therma Bibshorts review

12 Apr 2021

For cooler rides, the Le Col Pro Blackout Therma bibshorts are as good as it gets

Cyclist Rating: 
Warm • Wind and water resistant • Good for a wide range of conditions • Excellent seat pad

It’s the holy grail of cooler weather kit: a quality pair of shorts that’s warm enough to see you through until the weather gets proper hot. I reckon that the Le Col Pro Blackout Therma bibshorts hit the spot perfectly.

It’s a pleasure to be able to finally put the winter tights away for the year, but often the weather’s not up to wearing a pair of summer shorts, which let’s face it can be uncomfortably airy on cooler days.


The Le Col Pro Blackout Therma bibshorts avoid all of that with a facing that’s pretty wind-resistant, curbing the rush of air over the front of your upper legs and your groin, without completely stopping airflow.

That’s backed up with a fleeced inner surface that’s relatively thin but still plenty to up the warmth of the shorts to a comfortable level when the temperature is around 10C. Le Col uses the same fabric for the yoke at the back and the bibs too. That makes the top half a bit warmer than bibs made of mesh, which is an advantage in cooler weather, but can leave a slightly sweaty back if it’s a bit warmer.


Everything’s neatly sewn, with flatlocking of the seams on the outer legs and many of those in the body. The legs are held in place really well by the 5cm wide silicone dot grippers on the raw edged hems, which are comfortable and unobtrusive. The legs are a bit longer than on some shorts which helps to keep your thighs a little warmer.

Le Col has sewn a really good seat pad into the Pro Blackout Therma bibshorts too. The Dolomiti Stelvio pad is one of the densest I’ve seen, with extra-thick areas under the sitbones, a central channel and much thinner sides that kept me really comfortable through longer spells in the saddle.

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There’s a soft outer surface and perforations in the foam for a bit of extra ventilation, while the zigzag stitching used to sew the pad to the shorts is neatly done and avoids chafing.


With changeable weather, the roads are often wet, or you can get caught out by a shower. The Le Col Pro Blackout Therma bibshorts are Aqua Zero treated to help repel water though. It’s not enough to keep you dry in a downpour, but good enough to deal with wheelspray and the odd shower as you ride.

The Blackout bit in these Therma bibshorts and the summer weight Pro Blackout bibshorts references the logo-free design.

There’s an embroidered black Le Col logo mid-rear but nothing else to tell you the brand, unlike the non-blackout summer shorts which have leg grippers sporting the Le Col name in white.

You get a couple of small reflective tabs sewn into the outer leg seams, but otherwise you’ll need to rely on your top half to up your road presence.


With their all-weather protection, the Le Col Pro Blackout Therma bibshorts may just be the most useful item you could own for all but the hottest summer rides – which, let’s face it, are pretty rare in the UK.

Paired with a set of legwarmers, they should keep you comfortable when it’s close to zero too.

Buy the Le Col Pro Blackout Therma bibshorts now

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