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Rudy Project Venger helmet review

6 Apr 2021

Respectably lightweight, well vented all-rounder is a safe bet for sunny rides

Cyclist Rating: 
Plenty of vents • Cosseting fit • Easy-to-operate retention system • Decent weight • Useful ‘bug net’
Roomy fit means you may need to size up • Bug net prevents you from carrying sunglasses in your helmet

I wish I owned the Rudy Project Venger helmet five years ago when a training camp-cum-holiday in the Spanish cycling hub of Calpe provided me with the opportunity to take on the prolonged, sinuous descent of Coll de Rates.

While I tend to be better at climbing than descending, on this occasion I was flying – everything just gelled – until a bee flew straight through one of my helmet’s frontal vents and stung me on the temple. It’s the quickest I’ve ever braked from 40-0mph.

My point being, it’s the details that matter in the largely homogenous world of EPS-formed road cycling helmets, and the Rudy Project Venger helmet features what the brand calls a ‘bug net’ designed to prevent insectoid attack, and which adds to the list of reasons this helmet is a decent choice for rides in high summer.


Keeping a cool head

Besides the handy mesh liner at the front of the Rudy Project Venger helmet, there are several other features that commend it for summer riding. Firstly, there are 22 vents across the helmet, gulping in cooling air at the front and spiriting hot air out the back.

Secondly, the comfortable padding also does a decent job of absorbing sweat which might otherwise trickle down your brow and sting your eyes.

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And thirdly, at 240g for a size M, it’s not so heavy that it’s going to feel like you’re carrying a watermelon on your head. It’s not so light that you’d forget you’re wearing it, but for a £130 helmet, it’s respectably low on bulk.

The one which, in practice, proves troublesome is that you can’t slot your sunnies into the vents – the bug net will get torn by the arms of sunglasses.


Fit isn’t a fiddle

Getting the best fit from the Rudy Project Venger helmet is easy. A simple plastic buckle clips beneath the chin, and the length of the strap is easily adjusted. You’re likely to end up with plenty of excess strap, which can either be doubled back and retained under the rubber loop, or simply snipped to length, pro rider-style.

The brand’s RSR 10 retention system features a tactile dial which is easily operated on the fly and satisfyingly devoid of wince-inducing clicks in its operation – adjustment is a smooth process.

What you might find, however, is that the fit comes up a little on the roomy side. Still sporting a lockdown haircut (ie, not having had one for six months), the size M helmet, designed for a 55-59cm head, required almost the full extent of its retention capabilities to remain secure on my 57cm head.


Buy the Rudy Project Venger now from BikeInn

Got you covered

The overall fit of the Rudy Project Venger helmet is certainly one which wraps around the head, rather than perching atop your bonce, which does add to the cosseting feel of this lid. And the area of material around the adjustment dial even feels chunky enough to give the impression of being almost fully enclosed.

In all, it’s a good all-rounder that you suits any kind of ride, and the fact that (at the time of writing) it’s available at £20 off makes it even more appealing.

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