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Falcon Serene women's e-bike review


One of the lowest-priced e-bikes on the market with some surprising but useful accessories

The addition of commuter-friendly options such as a rear rack and kickstand are welcome at such a low price point
The price is reflected in some of the component choices

The market for electric bikes that are available for under £1,000 is not exactly a crowded place, but it’s good to see a British brand represented there.

The Serene from Falcon should be a popular bike as, aside from the price, its low-step frame will be welcomed by the less limber among us – and even better, it still manages to hide away much of the cabling for the electrics and rear brake.

So just how does Falcon manage to make an e-bike so affordable? Through a number of component choices, some less obvious than others.

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The most obvious area where Falcon is watching the budget is the frame. While most bike manufacturers use aluminium, Falcon has stuck with old-fashioned steel.

This is one reason why the Serene weighs in at a heftyish 25kg – but then again, the electric motor is there to make riding easier so the extra weight shouldn’t be too noticeable when you’re in the saddle.

The motor and battery are other areas where Falcon has been able to keep the cost down. Rather than spec a well-known brand, the company has simply selected a generic rear hub-mounted motor and a simple battery that finds a home in the rear rack.

That rack can also be used to mount a set of panniers or carry a small bag. It may seem a small matter but it’s one that can make a big difference on a daily commute.

Similarly, the surprising inclusion – given the overall price – of not only a chainguard but also mudguards and a kickstand adds to the everyday usability of the Serene.

Buy the Falcon Serene now from Electric Rider

There’s no doubt compromises have been made to hit the price point, with just six speeds for the derailleur gears, and rim brakes on the generic wheel and tyre package.

But then again, do you really need lightweight racing wheel and hydraulic disc brakes if you’re only using your bike for short trips around town?

Falcon Serene specs

Stated weight: 25kg
Frame material Steel
Motor 250W rear hub
Battery 10Ah
Stated range 40-45km (25-28 miles)
Gearing Shimano 6-speed
Saddle Falcon Comfort
Bars Comfort bar
Wheels 26in aluminium
Tyres 26 x 1.75in

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