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La Passione PSN Windproof Jacket review

5 May 2021

Technical, race-cut outer layer for warm starts on chilly mornings

Cyclist Rating: 
Weatherproof • Lightweight and packable • Athletic fit • Stylish • Not eye-wateringly expensive
High cut with no dropped hem • Zip requires precise engagement • No pockets

Congratulations, you made it to British Summertime; a point in the year when not every ride requires a softshell jacket or bibtights. Of course, these months – especially in spring – bring their own challenges, not least the quandary of how to layer up before you clip in.

Thankfully, the La Passione PSN Windproof Jacket goes some way to solving the puzzle for us all. With a fantastically lightweight construction and really useful weatherproof fabric, it might well become a favourite for early morning starts, or late evening return legs from some whopping rides in the sanctuary of the British countryside.

However, while there are many features to commend it, a number of niggles persist…


Making the cut

Unashamedly race-cut, the La Passione PSN Windproof Jacket amply traps the warm air of your house between its closely fitting fabric and your jersey before you leave the centrally heated confines of the hallway for a sunny-yet-chilly morning ride.

The high cut of the neck is instantly appreciated. Its comfortably elasticated cuffs seat well on the wrists, though ride up slightly once your hands reach for the handlebars, so full-length gloves are a must if you’re the type who feels the cold on your fingers.

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Speaking of riding up, perhaps the biggest bugbear with the cut of the La Passione PSN Windproof Jacket is that its rear hem isn’t dropped over your rump to provide any spray protection.

In fact, once you’re crouched over the bars, its near-straight-cut hem rises so high that it starts to feel like a crop top, despite its silicone hem gripper… For context, I’ve a 36-inch chest and I'm 5ft 8in tall, so I took my usual size S and it still rode up.

It’s worth considering sizing up.


Weather or not

Where the La Passione PSN Windproof Jacket does excel is in its ability to shrug off the climatic conditions of our temperate land. The DWR coating beads light rain away with no bother, while the insulating double-layer membrane not only keeps you dry but also warm.

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The potential weak point of the zip is protected by a windproof flap along its inner length. However, the design of this zip does necessitate careful alignment of the two pullers when donning this jacket, which can be a real fiddle.


Pack it in

While the La Passione PSN Windproof Jacket does have its fair share of niggles, there’s no doubting that it’s a versatile item of kit which is far more technical in its function than the average race cape. It also packs down into a compact bundle for stashing in a jersey’s rear pocket, far more compactly than many race capes I’ve used, actually.

Crucially, this means there’s no fear of it unfurling from your pocket and being left behind on the road. And its 137g weight means it’s no hinderance to riding comfort – whether being worn or carried.


Stripped back

Because the La Passione PSN Windproof Jacket is effectively a rain jacket with knobs on, there are no rear pockets, so it’s best reserved for the first 10 miles of your morning ride, or the final 10 as the sun sets.

Buy the La Passione PSN Windproof jacket now

When it does set, it’s good that there are handy reflective details to improve your visibility. Its benefits are probably balanced out by the reservations I have, but for a jacket that does actually fulfil its function, if not entirely its fit, £110 isn’t a crazy amount of money.

But I’d certainly recommend trying it for size before you buy.

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