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DMT KR4 road cycling shoes review

5 May 2021

Lightweight, peerlessly comfortable shoes for warm weather rides

Cyclist Rating: 
Featherweight • Full knit/mesh upper • Simple yet effective • Genius sock-like tongue • Impressive stiffness for a non-carbon sole
Pricy for a Nylon-soled shoe • Cleat alignment a minor bugbear

Cycling shoes with knitted uppers are not a new thing. The approach taken by DMT, however, is a little different – and in the best way possible. The DMT KR4 doesn’t just layer a 3D mesh/kit fabric over a traditional upper, but instead combines a thinly backed 3D mesh upper with a knitted central tongue.

The result is a road cycling shoe that feels more like a fast running shoe, and that – if you hadn’t yet guessed – is a very good thing indeed.


Slipper service

Working off a fairly narrow last, the DMT KR4 shoes are a slender fit, which only adds to the sensation of becoming race-ready when you slip them on. And slip them on you do, as there is no fiddly tongue to spend minutes getting to seat comfortably over the top of your foot (I’m looking at you, here, Giro E70…).

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Instead, the central portion of the shoe’s upper is a stretchy knitted fabric which naturally compresses over the foot for a close, perfect fit. The tightening of the fit is accomplished by way of a single L6 Boa dial – push in and turn clockwise to tighten; pull out to loosen.

The result, also thanks to a secure heel and externally bolstered heel counter, is a fit with zero pressure points. The fabric mounts for the wire lace system have also held fast throughout testing.


Weighting game

Two criticisms are sometimes levelled at Nylon composite-soled shoes: firstly, that they’re generally on the weighty side; secondly, that their soles flex a little too much for their power promotion to be considered immediate.

Taking the first point, surprisingly these 235g (size 42) DMT KR4 shoes are actually lighter than the higher-end KR1 model worn by WorldTour stars such as Tadej Pogačar, such is the simplicity of their construction.

On the second point, I’ve not worn a pair of Nylon-soled cycling shoes that get the power down like these. And the number of shoes I’ve tested over the years is well into three figures.


Summer lovin’

Why are these shoes perfect for a British summer? While the soles might be devoid of venting, the sides of the upper are incredibly breathable and let a fair amount of cooling air through to keep your feet comfortable. And with summer comes longer rides…

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I’ve covered serious miles in the DMT KR4 shoes, with the longest single outing being around 100km, and there was not one moment when I felt like comfort was hindered for any reason.

Even when your feet expand in hotter climes, the lightly compressive fit and flexible mesh cause neither restriction nor clamminess.


The sole slip-up

There is but one issue I’d take with the DMT KR4 shoes. Beyond the fact that some people might baulk at their price for a pair of shoes that doesn’t feature carbon-fibre on its sole (you’d be wrong to turn your nose up for that reason, by the way), there are no guides on the sole for cleat alignment.


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Instead, the sole is textured with a carbon-effect weave that mirrors the chainmail-like material of the upper. It’s a tiny niggle, but the usual guides would make life easier when it comes to setting them up on day one.

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