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Dhb Aeron jersey review

10 May 2021

Quality features and lots of options with a relaxed fit and a reasonable price tag

Cyclist Rating: 
Comfortable fit • Lightweight • Doesn’t get whiffy • Loads of size and colour options
Some excess fabric around the belly

With summer around the corner, the Dhb Aeron jersey is a good bet for warmer weather rides. Aeron is Dhb’s more performance-orientated cycle kit range, sitting above the Blok and Classic, but below the Aeron Lab range.

Aeron Lab kit is designed to be race-ready with a tight fit and prices heading up to £125 for a jersey. In contrast, the standard Aeron jersey is a slightly more relaxed fit and mid-priced and would suit the sportiviste and serious recreational rider.


Whereas Aeron Lab has spawned a whole variety of different jerseys, designed for UV protection or light and lighter weight, the Aeron jersey sticks to a more limited selection designed either for road or for cross country MTB use.

The Aeron jersey doesn't lack quality features though. The main body is made of a fabric that’s pretty lightweight, so it’s comfortable when it gets warm. That’s supplemented by stretchy mesh panels on the sides under the arms and down the centre of the back and there’s even a strip of mesh all the way along the rear under the pockets.

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With mid-back often being one of the first places to get sweaty in the heat, it’s nice to have some extra airflow there.

Dhb says that the fabric used for the Aeron jersey is antibacterial treated. That should help with comfort on long, hot rides. Despite the generally rather chilly weather so far this spring, I managed to find some warmer, still days to ride in the Aeron jersey and it was certainly less whiffy than many when I got back from pounding the hills in the Chilterns.


There’s no seam over the top of the shoulder and the sleeves run down to broad raw edged grippers with silicone dots on the inside, which keep them in place effectively.

There’s a slightly differential cut at the bottom of the body, to reflect the different coverage needs front to back when bent over the bars, and the bottom hem is kept in place effectively by a silicone gripper.

There was a bit of excess fabric around the belly when riding, but nothing excessive and the thin, stretchy fabric means that overall the fit is reasonably close without being restrictive.


All three rear pockets have gussets at their bottoms, so it’s easy to load up with extra stuff for extended rides, and the centre one has a dart of reflective black material, to add even more capacity and a bit of low light visibility. There’s a fourth zipped pocket for your keys and cash.

There is a wide range of different sizes available for the Aeron: everything from XS up to XXXL, fitting chests from 86cm up to 126cm according to Dhb’s size chart, and there are women’s sizes 8 to 16 available too.

Buy the Dhb Aeron jersey now from Wiggle

Men’s colours stretch to nine options and women’s to four, from brights through muted to black, reflecting the popularity of the Aeron short sleeve jersey as a warm weather option.

Like other Dhb kit, the Aeron jersey is available online via both Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles.

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