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Dhb R2.0 helmet review

7 May 2021

A comfortable helmet that won’t break the bank

Cyclist Rating: 
Deep fit • Well shaped • Well finished
Retro looks • On the heavy side • No Mips

Dhb makes a lot of cycling kit at prices that undercut the big names. That started off with clothing, but now extends to quite a range of other kit including shoes and two helmet options: the on/off road C1.0 Crossover with a removable peak and the R2.0 road helmet tested here.

There’s a range of clothing for running, swimming and triathlon too.


At £50, the Dhb R2.0 road helmet is among the least expensive options out there if you’re just looking for a first cycling helmet or want a cheap second helmet for commuting or casual use.

It’s got a classic non-aero ribbed shape with 21 vents, which aren’t quite as large as those you’ll find on flashier helmets, and the slight flick to the tail on the top is reminiscent of helmet designs of a few years ago.

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It’s well finished though, with nicely rounded edges to the EPS foam lining and no sharp sides to the polycarbonate shell. There isn’t the coverage of the EPS liner at the lower edge of the helmet that helps prevent gouges with wear and tear though.


The fit is deep and surrounds the head well. The Dhb R2.0 helmet sits close to the top of the ears and there’s none of the side-to-side play that I find can afflict even the priciest helmets.

There’s plenty of padding too, which avoids pressure points, although I found the brow padding a bit more prickly and less comfortable when I started to work up a sweat than the thinner pads often found on more expensive helmets.

The rear cradle has the usual dial adjuster to tighten or loosen the fit. It’s got a nice large wheel, so it’s easy to sort as you ride and there’s a pad behind it so that it doesn’t dig into the nape of your neck.


Many helmets have a slider to provide a fairly wide range of adjustment to the vertical fit of the cradle, and which also makes on-the-fly adjustment possible. But the Dhb R2.0 helmet has a popped tab which offers just two positions and can only be adjusted when you’re not wearing it. With the deep fit, that’s not such a big deal and feels like a reasonable concession in a budget priced cycling helmet.

Dhb has done a good job on the R2.0’s straps. They’re the usual wide nylon with a sliding anchor where the front and rear straps meet. But they include reflective threads, while the middle of the straps is made of a thinner material that should let a bit more air through than the usual single thickness design. There’s also a soft, removable chin guard, held in place by velcro that avoids irritation at the throat.

Buy the Dhb R2.0 helmet now from Wiggle

As you’d expect, the R2.0 helmet is a bit weightier than many pricier helmets. My size large came in at 298g, which isn’t too bad though. The helmet comes in sizes medium and large only, with the medium covering heads from 54cm to 58cm, so if you’ve got a smaller head then fit might be an issue.

If you’re not looking to spend too much on a helmet and don’t care about flashy features, the dhb R2.0 looks like one of the best options out there. There are loads of colours too, although no Mips option.

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