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Rudy Project Spinshield sunglasses review

17 Jun 2021

Effective wraparound sunnies that are big on style, low on weight

Cyclist Rating: 
Lightweight • Statement styling • Excellent field of vision • Very good optical clarity • Robust construction
Devoid of venting • Bridge could be grippier

The Rudy Project Spinshield sunglasses are an object lesson in not judging a product’s strength by its heft. Although weighing in at a supremely light 28g, these cycling sunnies are robustly constructed, cleverly designed and also offer exceptional protection and field of vision.

What’s not to like, hey? Well, the bug-eyed styling might not be to every rider’s taste, and there are some misgivings around the fit of the Sunshields. But let’s concentrate on the positives first.


In a field of their own

For all the natty styling and flashes of eye-catching fluoro (one of cycling’s most divisive colour options), a pair of sunglasses designed for road riding will soon fall flat on its face if it doesn’t offer what you need – optical clarity and protection from the elements.

Here’s where the Rudy Project Spinshield sunglasses really shine. The deep-horizon (their words, not mine) lenses cover so much of the face that the frames never creep into the peripheral vision – a real bugbear of mine, especially when the brow of some glasses obscures my vision when I’ve really got my head down.

Crucially, the width and shape of the wraparound design curves in such as way as to not trouble the clarity of your view; it’s free of distortion.


Close for comfort

The front of the Rudy Project Spinshield sunglasses does fit very firmly and closely to my face. Unfurl the arms and they spring solidly into place and hold this tension when worn. Grippers at the ends of the arms anchor them to the side of the head, while the Pro-Fit ergonomic temple geometry (again, their words…) ensures a close and comfortable fit at the nose.

However, while this close fit does prevent the ingress of tear-inducing wind, it also improves the chances of the lenses misting when waiting at junctions – a small patch of condensation forming at the centre of the shield which spreads outwards the longer you’re at a standstill.

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The lack of venting in the eye shield was particularly troublesome when waiting at a level crossing, at which point I was forced to remove them from my face.


Taking the knocks

In the weeks that I’ve been covering distance with the Rudy Project Spinshield sunglasses on my face, they have proved themselves to be particularly robust, the lenses remaining devoid of scratches or marks, as well as coming up clear after a wipe with their soft fabric carry pouch.

The arms have lost none of their spring tension, and their light weight is a definite aid in comfort. However, despite their lack of bulk, the not-so-grippy gripper at the bridge of the nose does result in some bouncing of the sunglasses on my face when riding over particularly pitted tarmac.

A gravel ride on hard-packed trails caused so much jumping on my face that I actually took them off and stashed them in my jersey pocket.


A sense of perspective

Despite the niggles with fit and misting, there are still many positives to the Rudy Project Spinshield sunglasses. They’re considerably more affordable than a lot of high-end eyewear, for instance.

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Their design is particularly appealing, to the point where you can almost pull off wearing them when you’re not cycling. And their weight is very commendable, almost causing me to trot out the cliché that you barely realise you’re wearing them.


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