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Dhb Aeron bibshorts review

23 Jun 2021

Well made and a good fit, with a pad that’s comfortable for mid-length rides

Cyclist Rating: 
Quality features • Decent Elastic Interface seat pad • Good range of sizes
Not flatlocked

Dhb’s Aeron range is the brand’s mid-spec clothing option, sitting between the premium Aeron Lab range and the entry-level Blok and Classic. It’s popular with riders who want quality kit without the big price tag and at £80 the Aeron bibshorts are a good choice for riders looking for a pair of bibs for medium length rides.

The seat pad comes from Elastic Interface, a company which provides pads to many well known brands. Called the Paris HP pad, it’s got pretty dense padding under the sit bones – at 120g/m2 it’s a good density to absorb many bumps from the road.

Two other densities of foam are used in the pad too and there are perforations in the foam and a soft antibacterial facing to improve comfort on longer rides, without too much overall thickness.


Dhb says that the pad is good for rides up to seven hours. That seems ambitious, but I was certainly comfortable enough on rides of half that length or more.

There’s a quality, compressive feel to the fabric of the dhb Aeron shorts as well, which results in a fit that’s supportive and close but not too tight, but without any surplus fabric. Again, that helps with comfort on longer rides.

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There are quite a few seams in the body of the shorts, including two running the length of each leg, but they’re well placed so that they don’t rub or interfere with your pedalling.


The leg grippers extend around the outer two thirds of the bottom cuff. They’re raw edged, with a silicone inner surface that keeps them in place well. The final third of the leg opening is doubled-over fabric without grippers. The seam here is flatlocked and the design feels comfortable.

This is the only seam in the shorts that’s flatlocked, with the others being raised. That’s a cheaper option but not one that’s uncomfortable, or that I even noticed except for the traces of the seams on my skin at the end of a ride.

You get a couple of reflective decals printed on the Dhb Aeron bibshorts, one on the back and one on the left leg, which should help with low light visibility.


Dhb’s yoke does its job well. It’s made from a lightweight perforated fabric that Dhb says contains carbon fibre, although I’m not convinced that the carbon provides much in the way of the claimed moisture transfer benefits.

But the rear of the bibs tapers to a quite narrow section over the mid-back before broadening out over the shoulders. That means there’s one less layer to add unwanted warmth in an area where I find I often get sweaty.

Buy the Dhb Aeron bibshorts now from Wiggle

The mesh section extends quite a long way down into the bottom half of the shorts too, again helping to keep you cool. There are quite wide raised hems to the bibs rather than flashier raw edges – not something I noticed when riding, though.

Like other Dhb kit, the Aeron bibshorts are sold via both Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles. Also like other Dhb clothing, there are loads of size options. There are also plenty of colour variants, although apart from the navy blue shorts, all others are black, varying only in the colour of a flash of fabric at the bottom front of the bibs and the outside panel of the leg grippers.

But no-one’s ever been told off by the style police for wearing black shorts, have they?


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