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Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo cycling jersey review

25 Aug 2021

Eco-friendly aero jersey that’s perfect for summer smashfests

Cyclist Rating: 
Recycled materials • Perfect temperature regulation for summer rides • Close aero fit • Subtle sleeve gripper • Great zip
Pockets are smaller than average

Given the environmentally friendly nature of the sheer act of cycling, it’s frankly astonishing that so many brands are still missing the trick when it comes to constructing their kit.

Virgin plastic abounds in much of the clothing we pull on to ride at the weekends, which conjures images of distateful factory emissions, not to mention the generation of waste.

One company, however, is notably doing something to address the harmful production practices which we often choose to ignore: the Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo cycling jersey is made from 100% recycled plastics (ie, polyester and elastane) and waste yarns. So, its eco approach is laudable, but what’s it like to ride in?

Lean into it

Anyone who has had to contort themself into a skinsuit for time-trialling will be familiar with the process required to squeeze into the Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo cycling jersey.


What might on the face of it look like a garment that isn’t going to fit when it’s hanging from your torso, its two halves failing to meet as you pull them together, becomes a sleek, perfectly fitted truly aero (ie, skintight) jersey once you bend at the hips, align the zipper and fasten it to the neck.

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This, in my book, is a positive – so many aero jerseys are blighted by flappy bits. The locking zipper is satisfyingly chunky, and even the sleeves are an astonishingly close fit, staying in place thanks to subtle grippers at their raw-cut hems. Nothing rides up; it all conspires to create a figure-hugging jersey that feels unrestrictive in use.

Plastic fantastic

If you’re thinking that a jersey made from recycled materials is going to look or feel like a patchwork quilt, you are very wrong. The quality of construction and feel of the recycled polyester/elastane mix against the skin is identical to that of any other jersey you’ve worn.


You just get to revel in the unalloyed smugness of wearing a garment which hasn’t unduly harmed the planet. The Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo cycling jersey makes you feel great, in more than one way.

Sleek for summer

The Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo cycling jersey is designed for racing and ultra-fast rides, and we don’t do a lot of those in deep winter. So, it follows that it should offer ample cooling and venting of hot air.

Thankfully, the frontal body of the jersey, as well as its side panels, is constructed from a loose weave that’s not far off being a mesh – cooling air heads straight for your core on hot rides. A tighter weave material to the rear still allows your back to breathe, and rides in 27°C heat haven’t posed an overheating threat.


Travel light

There’s one issue I’d take with the Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo cycling jersey, and that’s the unusually small rear pockets. We all have a system for stowage, and mine generally involves a race cape and mini pump in the central pocket, phone in the right, nutrition in the left…

I’ve no issue with packing gels into any of the rear pockets of this jersey, but extra layers are a push – I literally can’t fit them in. The central pouch is also narrower than most other jerseys’ storage pocket. A shame that this basic requirement doesn’t live up to expectations, as it limits the jersey’s use to rides on tubeless tyres when all you’ll need is a phone and mid-ride fuel.

Buy the Eco Sleek Dinamo jersey now from Santini

That said, it shouldn’t deter you if you’re after an aero jersey with a difference – it’s ideal for rapid rides when the sun is high.


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