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Altura Endurance jersey review

6 Aug 2021

Comfortable jersey but the sizing is generous leading to a bit of pocket sag

Cyclist Rating: 
Merino mix fabric is comfortable and whiff-free • Good balance of warmth and breathability
Quite large sizing • Prone to pocket sag and bounce

For its Endurance clothing range, Altura has collaborated with round-the-world cyclist Mark Beaumont.

The comfortable-however-far-you’re-going results can be seen in the Altura Endurance jersey, which has a relaxed fit that’s as comfortable off the bike as on, if you’re expecting to rest in it and bivouac down between multiple days in the saddle.

Its main panels are made of a merino-mix fabric. Although it’s only 10% wool, with the balance made up of acrylic, modal and a smidgen of elastane, there’s the soft hand of merino to the main front and rear body panels, paired with some extra warmth.


The zipper has a backing strip of the same fabric, which helps deflect airflow, so it's a jersey designed for more temperate rides or which you could wear under a shell on cooler days.

The merino content also helps keep things a bit less smelly after a long ride – ideal for the endurance rider. Side panels and sleeves are made of a coarser feeling mesh though, which adds extra ventilation but does have more of a tendency to build up odours.

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As with many of its pieces, the cut of the Altura Endurance jersey is generous. It’s quite long and also pretty relaxed. That means that there’s a bit of excess fabric in the body which tends to bunch at the front, despite a differential cut with a long tail. There’s also quite a lot of stretch to the knitted main body fabric.


I found that once I loaded up the three rear pockets there was a tendency for the pockets to sag while riding, and to experience pocket-bounce when I headed off-road or hit bumpy tarmac. That’s despite the wide gel gripper at the rear hem, which I found wasn’t a particularly close fit and didn’t hold things in place that well.

It’s something that sizing down might help with, although I found the folded, non-stitched hems on the sleeves quite tight in my usual size medium, which might have been accentuated had I tried to swap to a small size.

Altura has always majored on reflectives; in the Endurance jersey, that means a grey retroreflective logo on the left pocket. But that’s backed up by a very subtle reflective dot pattern in the same colour as the jersey across the whole of the rear hem, below the pockets.

That’s repeated at the sleeve ends and there’s also reflective Altura lettering at the left shoulder. So although it’s not obvious in daylight, there are plenty of low light accents which should help keep you a bit safer at the end of a long day’s ride.

Buy the Altura Endurance jersey now

At £70 for a jersey with merino content, the Altura Endurance jersey is good value, if you can find the right fit. It’s very comfortable and well featured, but felt as if it fell slightly wide of the mark for me fit-wise, while the tendency for the pockets to slip sideways means you have to be careful to load up evenly.


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