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Pactimo Summit Aero Axis jersey review

9 Aug 2021

Lightweight, comfortable and airy without being see-through

Cyclist Rating: 
Excellent airflow • Not sheer • Recycled fabrics
A close, short fit

The Pactimo Summit Aero Axis jersey is a great lightweight option for really hot weather. In the recent heatwave, it became my go-to jersey to stay comfortable (in between washes).

That’s because it’s made of really lightweight fabrics. The front and rear panels are made of a silky feeling polyester with 14% spandex that’s pretty translucent when you hold the jersey up to the light, while the hexagonal mesh side panels are even lighter weight.

So you get excellent airflow and I was comfortable enough even when heading out on a gravel bike on afternoons when the temperature was well over 30 deg C. With so little fabric and efficient wicking, there’s minimal sweat build-up even behind the rear pockets.

Other nice features for warm rides include the hemless sleeves with printed-on silicone grippers and a low-cut, fairly loose neckline which helps channel a bit of air down your front. If you do want even more airflow, there’s a concealed zipper with a chunky puller, which Pactimo says is semi-auto locking – not sure what that means, but it’s easy to use while riding anyway.

The trouble with some lightweight jerseys is that they can be so sheer that you’re almost forced to wear a base layer underneath if you don’t want to show off your scrawny cyclist’s chest to the world. Although the verdict is out on whether you actually need to wear a base layer in summer, it’s nice to have the option not to.

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Fortunately, despite being so lightweight, the Pactimo Summit Aero Axis jersey is opaque enough that you have a choice. That’s partly down to the fabric and partly to the pinstripe pattern on the majority of the body, which camouflages you somewhat.

As you’d expect with a jersey labelled aero, the fit is close so there’s no windflap. There’s plenty of stretch, so you’re not likely to feel as if you’re in a straightjacket, but don’t expect too much extra room. The jersey is quite short in the body too, so that the pockets sit quite high up your back. Sizes go up to 3XL though, so even larger riders should be able to find a decent fit.

It’s not all about go-faster aero though, as the Pactimo Summit Aero Axis jersey has all the extra you’d want for longer rides. The pockets are pretty wide and come with bottom gussets so they’re easy to load up. There’s even a fourth, concealed pocket with a zipper on the right hand seam, while the sticky silicone gripper along the rear bottom hem (which is also made of the hexagonal mesh fabric) keeps everything in place well.

The yellow flashes on the pockets and the yellow Patimo logos up the visibility of the stealth grey body and there are grey reflectives at the centre rear and on the sleeves too. There are blue, green and orange options if you don’t fancy grey.

Buy the Pactimo Summit Aero Axis jersey now

Impressively, alongside all its techy details, Pactimo hasn’t forgotten the Summit Aero’s eco credentials, as it’s made out of fully recycled fabric.


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