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Pinarello heads off-road with Grevil and Grevil+ bikes

23 Oct 2018

Archetypal road brand launches gravel bikes with technology pinched from their tarmac-going siblings

Pinarello has launched a new off-road platform called the Grevil. Recognisably a bike from the brand’s stable, both in terms of technology and styling, it’s beefier than anything we’ve seen before.

Placing a firm emphasis on speed it should appeal to the growing number of dedicated gravel racers.

In common with most modern adventure bikes, the new Grevil is able to accept either 42mm tyres on a 700c wheel, or voluminous 2.1 treads on a smaller 650b set-up.

Check out the Grevil+ bike on the Pinarello website

Although, judging by the brand’s website the bike appears to come as standard with the larger diameter wheels.

Despite its large tyres, lots of attention has been dedicated to aerodynamics, with the junction between the fork and frame, water bottle cradling downtube profile, integrated seat clamp, and disc calliper fairing all combing to smooth airflow across the bike.

With many gravel races essentially being long solo time-trials this might not be as odd as it first seems.

'Aerodynamic is not the first thought when you think about gravel bikes, however, we've decided to introduce some aero concepts,' explained Pinarello’s design team

'The reason that has driven this decision is simple, even a small aerodynamic gain multiplied by several hundred kilometres involves, at the end of the trail, a great overall gain.'

Elsewhere the Grevil’s vital statistics plant it firmly in the rowdy camp, as evidenced by matching 72° seat and head angles on the 56cm frame, a decent stack height, and a longer than average wheelbase and fork rake.

Similarly, front and rear bolt-thru axels compliment the bike’s staunch looking profile.

Capable of both racing and touring, an additional bottle cage on the underside of the downtube adds the ability to carry more water in remote areas, while also potentially freeing up space in which to fit a frame bag.

Elsewhere the frame does without any additional fixing points.

Perhaps surprisingly, despite Pinarello's experiments with suspension, notably on the Dogma K10-S, the Grevil relies solely on its frame and large tyres to dampen vibrations.

Check out the Grevil+ bike on the Pinarello website

Shown being ridden by a beard and tattoo sporting man in Pinarello’s promotional material, the Grevil is part of a concerted move into the off-road market that also includes the new Crossista cyclocross bike.

Although details including pricing are yet to be confirmed, Pinarello’s website shows two versions, one built using a single-ring SRAM groupset and the other with Shimano Ultegra electronic parts.

The Grevil+ uses Carbon Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology while the Grevil uses Carbon Torayca T700 UD.