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Ribble opens new flagship showroom in Clitheroe

State-of-the-art showroom in the Ribble Valley showcases the brand's full bike range and will host events including talks, classes and rides

Will Strickson
12 Apr 2021

Ribble has opened a new flagship showroom in Clitheroe, Lancashire, right at the heart of the Ribble Valley – and it looks incredible.

The British brand, founded in the area all the way back in 1897, will showcase its entire bike range in the 186m² showroom that combines 'digital with the physical to create a unique, totally immersive and all-sensory consumer experience'.

Being a digital-first business, Ribble aimed to create an experience that is 'paperless, efficient, engaging and constantly "live" with the ability to refine in real time' and while that all sounds a bit Silicon Valley, it's led by Europe's largest indoor 4K video wall and screens around the room that allow customers to go deeper into each bike.


The store also has the Ribble Live virtual showroom that allows online customers to speak to experts in the store via a one-way video chat so you don't have to be in Lancashire to benefit.

There's even a 'signature scent' to really top off the experience, however unless Ribble has also completely changed the world you'll have to be there in person to smell it.

As well as having that space to bring to life its range with the BikeBuilder tool and Custom Colour option, the store will host events including ride-outs, talks, technical classes, screenings and Zwift events.


David Stacey, Ribble's commercial director, said, 'We wanted to create a brand showcase which would define the future of cycle retailing and represent our world-class credentials. Putting the Ribble brand experience in the heart of the Ribble Valley set amongst the most incredible riding routes directly from our doorstep was of paramount importance.

'From the moment you step into the showroom you will enter a truly immersive experience and it will completely challenge the notion of a traditional bike shop. I passionately believe that we have created a major step forward for retail standards and possibly the best bike shop in the world at launch.' Big words.

Andy Smallwood, Ribble CEO, said, 'This exciting state of the art digitally focussed showroom and brand retail proposition is the culmination of incredible work by the entire team at Ribble and while we have been tradng since 1897 this absolutely represents our vision for the future of the Ribble business.

'This new flagship showroom showcases our significant investment and dedication to and vision for the brand's future with the digital technology integrated into this physical proposition enhancing and complementing our industry-leading online customer journey demonstrating the ambition and scale of our strategy.'

Ribble says that it's planning to open more physical stores including key elements of the flagship in the future.

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