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Robyn’s Extremely Online Round-up #16: I'm back, baby

Robyn Davidson
31 May 2022

The 16th instalment in our new series recaps the weekly shenanigans in the peloton, showcasing the fun side of cycling

Like the shiny metal bending unit from Futurama, I’m back, baby.

Thank you Will for standing in and looking after my Extremely Online series child last week while I was away in sunny Italy for the Giro d’Italia. It’s a hard life.

While there, my camera died mid-way through shooting a gallery in Treviso. But I think the iPhone photos worked better, so silver linings. 

I also caught up with Thomas De Gendt 10 years to the day after his Stelvio victory at the Giro. We spoke about the biggest changes he’s seen in the peloton, his win this year in Napoli, and how he finds the motivation for such big turns on the front. 

Away from the Grand Tour, Emma Cole has been examining the environmental impact of cycling kit while Sam Challis reviewed the 3T Exploro Ultra

But let’s give one last look at the Giro d’Italia, for old time’s sake. 

Easy stage, my ass

Just like me, Jacopo Guarnieri returns.

We were both at Stage 18 into Treviso, but one of us had it easier than the other.

‘Easy stage my ass’ the Groupama-FDJ rider tweeted.

It was a day that the breakaway surprisingly managed to elude an ever-looming peloton’s clutches. On paper, as they say on Love Island, it was Arnaud Démare’s type. 

It’s a good job they didn’t have a category one mountaintop finish the next day after a trip into Slovenia.


Van der Pineapple

On the subject of the Giro and how bloody good both the social media team and Mathieu van der Poel have been, they teamed up once again after the finale in Verona.

He has been insisting pineapple on pizza is a delight, a bold strategy while on a three-week tour of Italy, and has been witnessed offending the masses with ketchup on spaghetti.

The admins bravely said they would eat pineapple pizza should the Dutchman claim another stage win.

He didn’t, yet given that the Alpecin-Fenix rider was a joy to watch throughout the entire event, they said ‘you won anyways, and everyone who loves cycling won with you.’


And here's Ziggy giving their opinion for good measure.

Another great Trek-Segafredo announcement

Because it’s a day ending in a Y.

I can’t lie, this had me fooled at first. Although that’s probably not hard, depending on who you ask.

The team known for sensational line-up announcements raised the bar for contract extensions too.

Riders and staff looked deeply engrossed in a mock-up book that revealed the Dutchman Bauke Mollema had signed a four-year deal.

My favourite section is on the back, in which they included a fake quote from SRAM that says ‘F***ing great!’

While 5th on GC, he was heard across the airways yelling ‘F***ING SRAM!’ at the Giro d’Italia in 2019 after a mechanical.

The return of Dan Martin

But onwards now we look to the Tour de France.

After his retirement from professional cycling, Dan Martin has been sharing great nuggets of insider information about tactics and stages on social media.

Clearly his strategy is paying off, being included in a ‘Tour de France 2022 winner’ selection from Betway Sports alongside none other than…

... the also-retired Fabio Aru.

Special shoutout: Airlines that don’t rhyme with Shryanair 

I'm still recovering from a flight delay to Manchester Airport, a lack of staff that meant we stayed on the plane at the terminal when we finally arrived, and a three-hour wait for luggage with no-one around to tell us anything. 

Have you ever watched Liverpool lose the Champions League final while sat in Manchester? Terrible. Do not recommend.

However it was nice to see people come together to help others when no-one else was around, like passengers sharing food with us as we gave them water. Even in the worst of situations, there will still be people trying to make the best of it. And that, to me, is lovely.

See you next week!