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Schwalbe One tubeless tyre review

Schwalbe One Tubeless Old
22 May 2015

No Tubes, No Worries. The new Schwalbe One tubeless promises to be the only tyre you need.

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Like disc brakes and bolt-thru axles, tubeless tyres are a popular mountain bike development that has lately started to break through into the world of road bikes. The main advantage of tubeless tyres is being able to run them at lower pressures without risking a pinch flat (where the inner tube is caught between the tyre and rim) – lower pressure means the tyre can spread more, improving grip. 

The good news for anyone wanting to try the technology is that you may not need to splash out on expensive new wheels – many modern hoops can be converted to tubeless with the right tyre, special rim tape and a squirt of sealant, which both helps seal the tyre on the rim and, in the event of a puncture, quickly clots to prevent air escaping. Road tubeless tyres are still a niche product, however here we’ve tested the Schwalbe One, currently available in the UK to see if they live up to the hype. 

We’re fans of the standard clincher version of the One at Cyclist, so we were keen to see how they performed in the new tubeless format. After testing their new One tyre, Schwalbe believed that it was the fastest they had ever produced, a bold statement from the German manufacturers. They have taken a new direction with their tyres lately, insisting that one tyre can be good enough to run in all conditions. The new compound rubber, with a smooth, treadless finish claims to have a lower rolling resistance and a greater grip in all weather conditions and the guys at Schwalbe say that the tread on other wet weather and winter tyres are purely for show, another bold statement. 

However their claims are backed up by our experience with the standard version of the tyre, which we have run year round from 2°C in the pouring rain to 32°C in the summer sun. The rolling resistance is hard to detect, perhaps because of its higher weight- the tubeless model does weigh 100g more than the standard One, and was the heaviest of the three tubeless tyres tested (Hutchinson Fusion 3 and Specialised Roubaix) 

Fitting the tyre is reasonably trouble free: they inflate with a track pump and can be fitted onto the rim with a touch of sealant. We tested the One on Stan’s Grail: a new tubeless-ready rim. These wide rims worked perfectly with the Schwalbe One, the tyres wide profile provides oodles of grip and make it the most comfortable. An excellent all-round tyre.


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