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Scott Addict CX

The Scott Addict CX is a high-end and super-light carbon frame built for speed and agility.

Scott Addict CX
12 Nov 2015

 While the world of road cycling has long been populated by weight obsessives, the cyclocross scene has typically had fewer riders meticulously counting every gram on their bikes. The Addict CX, though, may just have spiced up the competition for super-light cyclocross bikes.

‘Thanks to our carbon expertise we have been able to develop the lightest disc brake-optimized cyclocross bike on the market,’ says Scott engineer Rico Susse. ‘A complete bike, equipped with disc brakes coming in below 7kg ends all discussions about brake choice versus weight.’ Of course, the bike is a little heavier than its road-going equivalent, but the penalty is remarkably small considering the adjustments that have been made to turn the Addict into a true cross frame.

The chainstays have been redesigned with mid-race jet-washing in mind, using a sharply triangular shape that sheds mud rather than allowing it to gather near the wheel. Tyre clearance has of course been increased to allow extra space for muddy tyre-treads and also wider gravel tyres.

Possibly the most devoted cross feature is specific internal cabling to allow for a dropper seatpost. Although dropper posts, which allow saddle height to be adjusted while riding, are still mainly the reserve of mountain bikes, the feature is becoming more popular in cross. And with the increasing trend towards single front chainrings, the front derailleur hanger on the Addict CX is removeable, saving weight and simplifying the aesthetic.

The Scott has been specced with high-end deep section DT Swiss Spline RC38 wheels. The increased profile will have a small role to play in improving aerodynamics, but perhaps more importantly it will add stiffness to the rim, a major advantage on technical corners and during aggressive sprints. The Addict CX is equipped with Sram Force1, which is now the highest tier iteration of the single chainring system and an obvious choice for this bike given its focus on trimming grams.


Scott Addict CX £4,899
Frame Scott Addict CX
Groupset SRAM Force1
Bars Synchros RR1.1 Carbon Anatomic handlebars
Stem Synchros FL1.0 Carbon Stem
Seatpost Synchros Carbon FL1.0 ECL seatpost
Wheels DT Swiss Sline RC38C db
Saddle Synchros RR2.0 saddle
Weight 7.65kg (58cm)

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