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Scott Addict eRide Premium e-bike review


Premium by name and premium by nature, but the Addict eRide gives you your money's worth

The finest level of componentry • Cutting-edge design
Speed costs, and that's reflected in the price

The bold claim made by Scott about its Addict eRide Premium is that it is built around the lightest electric-assist road bike frame on the market to date. Indeed, at just 1.04kg it’s not hard to believe that claim.

It also means that the complete bike comes in at less than 11kg, which is quite an achievement when you consider the UCI, cycle sport’s governing body, has deemed the minimum weight for a non-electric assist race bike is 6.8kg.

It is worth bearing in mind that Scott could have made the bike even lighter but has chosen a specification that favours rider comfort over absolute minimum weight, including for example 30c tyres. The slightly larger volume can make a big difference to regular riders over longer distances.

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Make no mistake, though, despite the large-volume tyres, the Addict eRide is not a bike for plodding around on. One look at the profile of the tubes that make up the carbon fibre frame will ably demonstrate that this bike is designed to go fast with aerodynamic shapes abounding.

Taking that aerodynamic theme to its extreme, Scott has hidden all of the bike’s cables too. Starting at the Syncros Creston iC SL carbon fibre handlebar and stem combination, the brake cables and electronic gear wires are entirely hidden.

That’s right – the Addict eRide Premium not only has electric assistance for the pedalling but also has electronic gear shifting from Shimano’s top-end Dura-Ace Di2 groupset. This range of components is usually seen on professional racers’ bikes.

With such a high level of componentry, Scott has realised that riders of the Addict eRide Premium will want to ride for as long as possible.

To make that possible, the company’s engineers have develop a clever additional battery package that looks like an oversized water bottle but, when used with the proprietary bottle cage, allows for seamless additional electric assistance from the Mahle motor concealed in the bike’s rear hub.

Scott Addict eRide Premium e-bike specs

Stated weight: 10.75kg
Frame material HMX carbon fibre
Fork HMX carbon fibre
Motor Mahle Motor Hub
Battery Mahle 36v + xTra Power Bottle Cage Battery
Stated range 120km (75 miles)
Groupset Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
Saddle Syncros Belcarra Regular 1.0
Bars Syncros Creston iC SL Carbon combo
Wheels Syncros Capital 1.0 40e Disc
Tyres Schwalbe Pro One Microskin

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