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Shimano GRX Di2 groupset review

24 Feb 2021

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Solid, dependable, unflashy – the Shimano GRX Di2 groupset is exactly what we expect from Shimano

Cyclist Rating: 
Lever design • Modular component • Specific gravel features • Robust performance
11-speed gearing lags behind competitors

Di2 version of Shimano's GRX gravel and adventure groupset finally hits the trails

Joseph Delves  
3rd September 2019

Following the release of the mechanical components in June, the Di2 version of Shimano’s latest GRX gravel and adventure groupset is heading to a shop near you.

Together billed as the world’s first dedicated gravel and adventure component series, pedants might argue that the brand’s 1983 Deore XT mountain and touring bike groupset fulfiled much the same brief. However, given how much hipsters love discovering things that already exist, we’ll forgive Shimano its advertising strategy.

Grumps that we are, we’ll still have to concede GRX’s Di2 version is definitely the first electronic groupset made for gravel and long-distance exploring while using the same familiar Shimano electronic shifting technology.

Pinching the best from Shimano’s road and mountain bike portfolios, the GRX range introduces this technology across multiple price-points. Covering both 11- and 10-speed drivetrains, this top-end electronic version is only available to work with 11-speed set-ups.

Featuring a stabilising clutch on the rear mech, the front derailleur has also been adjusted to fit alongside wide tyres. With the ability to swap-in existing Shimano mountain bike cassettes, these include its super-wide ratio options featuring sprokets up to 42t in size.

In keeping with the Japanese brand’s long-term thinking, GRX is available in both single and double chainring versions, with the jump between chainrings on some models larger than on any other groupset.

Allowing a pair of rings to cover everything from steep gravel climbs to fast road descents, it’s also likely to be of interest to touring cyclists and cyclocross racers.

GRX RX810 series Di2 pricing

11-speed rear derailleur, from £270
11-speed front derailleur, £200
Dual control lever, £220 (each)
Hydraulic disc brakes, £310 (pair)

£1,638.89 as tested

Page 2 of 2Shimano GRX Di2 launched