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Shimano Aerolite jersey review

17 Jun 2021

Eye-catching summer jersey at a decent price

Cyclist Rating: 
Light • Good wicking performance • Comfortable athletic cut • Effective airflow • Bounce-free pockets
Some riding up in use • You’ll need to be a contortionist to reach those pockets

Hot summer rides call for suitable attire, and the Shimano Aerolite jersey is a well-priced, close-fitting item of summer-suitable riding kit that hits almost all the right notes.

Its athletic fit, supportive fabric and mesh rear section ensure that your rides are undertaken in comfort, and the number of eye-catching designs available ensures there’s something for everybody in this department.

However – and it’s quite a sizeable ‘however’ – I’ve some serious misgivings with the fit and subsequent location of the pockets. All well and good if you don’t need to access them whilst riding, but that’s a bit like saying it’s fine that your brakes don’t work because you only ride time-trials… The whole package needs to gel.


Performance pondering

Let’s deal first with the way in which the Shimano Aerolite jersey performs in the heat. It’s a definite tick in the ‘plus’ column. Mesh material employed in the underarm area, on the side panels and the length of the back serves to allow cooling air through whilst venting hot air and moisture away from your skin.

The front section of the jersey is also peppered with micro-perforations. There’s little chance of overheating in this jersey. Also, as well as assisting with venting, moisture and heat management, the material is claimed to offer solar protection.


How fitting

For an aero jersey, you might expect a more race-crouch-ready fit, but the Shimano Aerolite jersey errs slightly on the side of comfort over aggression. That’s no bad thing – after all, who wants to feel restricted in their movements on the bike?

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However, for a jersey bearing this moniker, you probably wouldn’t expect the mid-length sleeves to slightly ride up your arms when riding on the drops, nor for the shoulder fabric to ruck up slightly.

You might also expect raw-cut sleeve hems on an aero jersey, rather than the sewn cuffs featured here. That said, the collar is comfortable, and the zip is easily operated on the fly should you require some extra venting in the extreme climes of high summer.


Call Houdini!

I’m a classically small man. At 5ft 8in tall with a 36-inch chest, my jersey choices veer between size S or size XS depending on the brand. However, the Shimano Aerolite jersey proves to be a fitment anomaly. The length seems more fitting for the extremely petite or particularly short of torso, with the rear hem noticeable high, and riding up significantly higher when riding (despite a silicone gripper).

The pockets are supported perfectly well when stuffed with essentials, but the issue this fit niggle raises is that those storage pouches are near-impossible to reach when riding.

Unless you happen to be a contortionist… My flexibility is good, but reaching the central pocket requires me to put myself in a rather uncomfortable armlock.

Size isn’t everything

If you value tasteful styling, don’t want your riding enjoyment marred by clamminess, and also don’t ride flat-out everywhere, the Shimano Aerolite jersey is a sound choice for hot weather use.

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Despite its aero intentions, it’s more of a good fit for those of athletic build who love a sunny Sunday ride. Its tech features do fulfil their allotted tasks, but if you’re long in the body, you’ll definitely want to size up.


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