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Sidi Wire Air

Sidi Wire Air
Stu Bowers
25 Sep 2015

The new Sidi Wire Air is back from the Tour de France and ready to make an impression.

Fans of Italian shoemaker Sidi can now doubly rejoice as the historic brand has not only dropped the price of its top-end road shoes by £50, but also bagged a new UK distributor, which should improve availability.

Sidi has remained staunchly in the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ camp for the past decade, making very few major changes to its top-of-the-line shoes. If they’re good enough for Chris Froome to wear to victory in the Tour De France, though, they should be good enough for the rest of us. Froomey’s footwear of choice was actually this shoe’s sibling – the Wire – with the only difference being the ‘Air’ part, which equates to hundreds of tiny holes in the upper to increase ventilation. Fit is taken care of via two Techno-3 wire adjusters, plus the innovative Sidi adjustable heel cup retention system, offering some individual customisation.

The 'vent carbon sole' has an adjustable vent at the front that can be close when things get a little chilly to extend the shoes usage from just a summer slipper. The cleat contact patch is also largers than previous generations and it retains the Look cleat replacement guide.

Some of the details that stand Sidi apart are the replacability of all the component parts – wires, dials, treads – plus the fact that its shoes are available in half sizes, two width fittings and an array of colours options to match your kit. But just like denim, we all know white shoes will never go out of fashion.



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