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Sidi Fast cycling shoes review

7 Jan 2021

Well priced, simple and stylish road shoes that still pack a punch

Cyclist Rating: 
Classic looks • Secure fit • Renewable parts • Eco-friendly construction • Protective details • Reasonable price
Moderately narrow fit • Those familiar with Boa dials might take some time to adapt

Compromise doesn’t have to mean you’re missing out. In the hotly contested world of the mid-price road cycling shoe, the Sidi Fast proves that a well proportioned blend of lightness, stiffness, comfort and cost can create something that’s most things to most riders.

The Sidi Fast are, in fact, a stylish, simple, Baby Bear’s porridge of a shoe, and represent some of the best value footwear I’ve wedged my feet into for quite some time.


Call security

The microfibre upper of the Sidi Fast is supple and satisfyingly tough, looking for all the world like leather but with none of the problematic animal-based compromise some riders might associate with other classically styled cycling shoes.

Beyond this, the upper is made without the use of solvents, so that's another tick in the ‘eco-friendly’ column.

A double-layer panel over the toes has echoes of traditional shoes of cycling decades past, while the heel section provides a totally locked in fit.


A rubberised section at the top of the ankle adds flexibility and security to the fit, stabilising the heel during your pedalstroke, and the trademark Sidi reinforced external heel counter is there to protect if you become detached from your bike at speed.

The forefoot is secured by the Sidi Tecno-3 dial closure system, which supplies precision adjustment, either to tighten or loosen, of the wire lacing.

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Users of the more ubiquitous Boa dial system might take to some to adjust (pardon the pun), but once you’re dialled in (again, sorry), it’s fairly intuitive.

Finally, a wide, cushioned microfibre tongue ensures no pressure points are created by the stitched-in mountings points of the lacing system.


Sole to sole

Rather than go ‘full carbon’ with the Sidi Fast, the brand has opted for a carbon/Nylon mix, which, for my money, represents a particularly good compromise.

'Carbon/Nylon soles offer the best balance of power transfer, comfort and durability for the price point,' says Sidi’s UK spokesman Richard Mardle.

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For the kind of pace I’m riding at in December, I’ve yet to experience an occasion on which I felt I could have done with a more urgent injection of power to my pedals. I wouldn’t think this material choice has added much bulk to the shoes, either; each weighs in at 331g with a Look Keo cleat fitted. Sidi claims each shoe sans cleat is 305g.


Seasonal effectiveness

Apart from the ‘goes with everything’ appeal of a black shoe, the microfibre upper has wiped clean with a baby wipe after every ride to leave the Sidi Fast looking near as dammit new again (fun fact: always have a pack of baby wipes in the house, even if you don’t have kids – they’re the only thing I’d guarantee will take red wine off beige carpet).

Although that upper is vented, with winter riding socks on my feet, I’ve not felt any numbness creeping in, even when riding on early mornings and later in the afternoon when the sun’s descending.

My hosiery choice does highlight the narrow fit of these shoes, however, so if your current local guidelines permit you to attend a physical shop, it’s definitely worth trying a pair on, and potentially going up half a size from what you’d normally take – consider buying local, too.

If you do find you’re wearing through the grippy heel insert when walking over muddy, gritty car parks, they’re replaceable – as are the components of the Tecno-3 closure system.

All in all, the Sidi Fast should suit most people for most rides, for many years, which also helps with the ‘pounds per wear’ equation when you’re laying out £170 for them.

Buy the Sidi Fast shoes from Tredz here

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