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Specialized Audax shoes review

Specialized Audax shoes
23 Oct 2015

The Specialized Audax shoes are sporty items that look as fast as they ride.

Cyclist Rating: 
Look great, comfortable
Sole easily damaged

Originating from the Latin word for ‘audacious’, Audax is a fitting title for Specialized’s new shoes. However their intention in naming them might have got lost somewhere across the Atlantic.

Don’t assume that these shoes are designed for the long, leisurely days in the saddle that are associated with audax style riding. Thanks to their unyielding sole, these bold cycling slippers lend themselves more readily to racing than point to point tours, while they also lack the two-bolt cleat mounts and exterior tread that many audax riders prefer.

With a leather-esque appearance and the choice of a contrasting strap, they look racy too and certainly wouldn’t go amiss in the peloton. Chris Juul-Jensen of Team Tinkoff-Saxo was spotted wearing them at this year’s Giro d’Italia and Tour de France, Specialized having set him up with these second-tier shoes as his usual pair were squashing his feet.

Riders with platypus-style feet take note. Two Velcro straps and a Boa S2 dial keep the shoes locked in place. The rubber outer edges of the dial making adjustment while rolling easy, even in full-length gloves. The attached wire slips over a clasp on the edge of the shoe meaning that with the tension released the whole top strap can be moved aside for easy fitting.

Overall the fit is secure without being restrictive, which precludes the need to clamp them on too tightly and allows the blood in your feet to circulate unhindered. No pins and needles or hot foot here. Great for all day use they’re one of the few shoes that mate comfortable uppers with a wider but still extremely stiff sole. Tread on the sole is minimal which means you’ll want to limit any time walking. A second reason to avoid time spent unclipped is that while the Louboutin style red sole might look great it’ll quickly scuff through to reveal the carbon underneath, slightly ruining their good looks. 



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