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Specialized Como SL: new lightweight e-bike for city cycling

31 Mar 2021

New super light version of Specialized's electric city bike is extra low-maintenance, has loads of luggage capacity and weighs only 17kg

Specialized has launched a new lightweight version of its Como ebike, the Como SL. After updating its road and hybrid e-bikes, the Turbo Creo SL and Vado SL, with its SL 1.1 system that brings the same power assist of a standard e-bike but with minimal additional weight.

Specialized claims the Como SL's 21.5kg is 40% less than the average e-bike.

The low-entry city bike, fitted with mudguards, a rear rack and a basket, is for effortless urban travel thanks to its assist up to 15mph (28mph in the US) that can last up to 62 miles, or 93 miles if you add the optional range extender. And that's just the start.

The hero you deserve

There are actually two bikes within the Como SL group, the 4.0 and 5.0. They both have hydraulic disc brakes, integrated lights, internal cable routing and 650b wheels alongside the SL 1.1 system, mudguards, pannier-compatible rear rack and basket.

What sets the 5.0 apart from its numerically challenged sibling is mainly in the drivetrain. The 5.0 is equipped with an eight speed internal gear hub and a Gates Belt Drive that allows for shifting while stopped and requires minimal maintenance as it doesn't need standard lube and oil.

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There's still beans in the 4.0 though as it has a five speed internal gear hub and chain drive, which also means you can change gear when stationary and does require less maintenance than most bikes, but not quite as little as the belt drive offered by the 5.0.

The bikes have three assistance modes: Eco, Sport and Turbo, with each offering support or peak power adjustments as the 320Wh battery can support what Specialized calls '2x you rider amplification', meaning it can nearly double (180%) your output – although legal limits in the UK stop it assisting past 15mph/25kmh.

Como SL's Ground Control Geometry sits the rider in an upright position, which allows for easy handling and improved peripheral vision.

Finally, Specialized says each Como SL can carry double its weight, 20kg via the two rear pannier points and 15kg in the front basket – which is removable.

Specs and pricing

They're not cheap, but that's no surprise given the amount of technology packed in, with the 4.0 costing £3,500 and the 5.0 setting prospective owners back £4,250.


  • Weight: 21.5kg (4.0), 22kg (5.0)
  • 35kg luggage capacity
  • Three power modes: Eco, Sport, Turbo
  • Ground Control Geometry
  • Integrated and automatic lights
  • Low-maintenance
  • 320Wh battery
  • Up to 62 mile range, with 31-mile optional range extender
  • Belt drive (5.0)

Buy a Specialized Como SL e-bike from Rutland Cycling now

From £3,500