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Specialized Jett: Specialized launches adaptable bike for growing kids

Will Strickson
12 May 2021

With adjustable cranks and handlebars as well as a long seatpost the Specialized Jett is built to grow with your kids

Specialized has launched the Jett, a kids' bike designed to outlast all others by growing as your child does.

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Built for kids aged between five and 12 who grow more in their limbs than their body, the Specialized Jett is adjustable in the right places so that when your kid's arms and legs grow their bike can still fit perfectly.

Having been developed alongside bike fitters, it has adjustable handlebars for when their reach grows and a long seatpost to accommodate ever-lengthening legs. Even the cranks have two different hole positions.

To help in making sure the fit is always perfect, Specialized has an online Fit Tool which, after inputting the right measurements, will tell you exactly how to set up your Jett.

Specialized says that these features allow for 30 months of growth.

Buy the Specialized Jett now

Alongside that, its other parts have been meticulously chosen for children's geometries, with a child-specific saddle, narrow grips and cranks and short reach brake levers so that cycling is always easy and pain-free even when they grow.

The Jett is also fairly lightweight with a new A1 frame with the 20" model coming in at a claimed 8.76kg. It is available in three sizes, a single speed-only 16", 8-speed 24", and options for singlespeed or 7-speed 20" bikes.

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