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Specialized Venge Vias disc photos leaked?

Specialized Venge Vias disc
Josh Cunningham
22 Mar 2016

Pictures from Etixx-Quickstep's Fernando Gaviria's Instagram and Twitter accounts suggest the 2017 Venge Vias will be disc-equipped

An eagle-eyed user on the Weight Weenies forum has spotted some interesting details in some photos that Etixx-Quickstep's Fernando Gaviria has been posting online. Namely, that the Specialized bike he is riding (an updated Venge Vias, from what we can tell) appears to be one not yet unveiled - and it looks like it might have disc brakes. 

Specialized Venge Vias disc

Gaviria shows himself to be on recon rides in Belgium ahead of the northern classics campaign, which are due to begin tomorrow with Dwaars Door Vlaanderen [subject to a later decision following the recent terror attacks]. The Colombian has uploaded selfies and side-on bike shots alike to both his Instagram and Twitter accounts which appear to reveal the presence of a hydraulic braking system. 

While there are no rotors on display in the pictures, the snaps do appear to show Shimano's hydraulic STI lever body standing proud above his handlebars. The potentially indicative protrusion of what looks like a thru-axle lever from Gaviria's bike - a detail that has come to be associated with disc braking systems for the superior strength that they afford over a regular axle - is another irregularity. 

Specialized Venge Vias disc thru axle

Also intriguing is the side-shot that Gaviria has taken outside of a quintessentially Belgian church spire, with accompanying overcast skies. The frame cuts out where we would expect to see discs present, but there are no callipers visible either at the wishbone, or midway down the seat tube, as per the current Venge Vias [which we looked at in more detail here]. The front fork is also liable for scrutiny, as while there could potentially be a hydraulically-actuated rim brake fitted on it's interior, this seems unlikely judging by the lack of bulk around the crown. There's certainly no calliper fitted behind the fork either. 

Whether or not Specialized is on the brink of a new launch, or whether the bike Gaviria is riding is a prototype that we are due to see more pros aboard as the Spring Classics begin in earnest, we can only wait and see. 

Note: these pictures are from Fernando Gaviria's social media accounts, which you can find on Twitter here and Instagram here.

Specialized Venge Vias disc

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