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Transforming women’s bib shorts with ASSOS: Nature calls solved

22 Feb 2022

Assos’ newest bib shorts are the epitome of a newfound focus on women-specific cycling kit and the perfect combination of innovation, comfort, and endurance

Bib shorts are arguably the most important part of a cyclist’s outfit, but in women’s cycling they have long been an area of contention, due to the lack of focus on women-specific technology.

But finding the perfect pair of women's bib shorts no longer need be challenging with the ASSOS UMA GTV bib shorts C2.

Renowned for producing durable kit with premium technology, ASSOS has created an innovative and high-performance pair of bib shorts which are specifically for women and for long days in the saddle.

A new solution for nature calls

ASSOS has solved the age-old issue of women’s bib shorts incorporating a nature break solution without inhibiting performance and comfort.

‘We know the inconvenience and time lost in having to take off clothing to be able to pull down shorts for nature breaks and this was the inspiration for these bib shorts,’ explains Elisabetta, ASSOS female product designer.

‘We wanted to create a smart solution that would facilitate women for this real need.’

The ASSOS UMA GTV bib shorts feature two magnetic closures at the rear which means the bib shorts can be lowered, without removing jerseys, vests or shells, for whenever nature calls.

The twin closures, which the brand calls ‘Bisiclick’, are intuitive to connect and release, with the magnetic element providing a secure closure that prevents unintentional unclasping. An intelligent piece of technology to prevent other clothing getting caught.

‘Before arriving at the definitive design, many tests were carried out with different materials and solutions,’ says Elisabetta. ‘The magnetic closures were the smartest and easiest, as well as the most intuitive to attach and detach. Above all, from a technical point of view they were also the most resistant to the stress of the fabrics in this area during rides.’

‘Our Bisiclick means women no longer need to waste too much time when stopping for nature breaks and the design also allows the rider to remain covered in the front area.’

The brand’s advanced new solution means that female cyclists can ride for hours on end and not worry about the issue of comfort breaks. It is a truly transformational piece of engineering from ASSOS.

Ride in comfort with the all-day, performance chamois

Whilst the nature calls feature makes these bib shorts stand out, the cutting-edge chamois technology is also designed for women riding in comfort all day long.

Indeed, to prevent saddle sores and chafing on a ride, the chamois should keep perfectly in place during a ride.

So, as is typical with ASSOS bib shorts, the brand has given a lot of thought to create a performance women’s-specific chamois, which gives phenomenal saddle comfort, and stays in place whilst riding.

The UMA GTV chamois is made from a patented three-layer, perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight, called 3D waffle.

It also features ASSOS goldenGate technology, whereby there are breaks in the stitching along the side panels and at the front, which allows for more freedom of movement and better ventilation. This airflow is particularly noticeable when riding out of the saddle.

The C2 insert is an evolution of the brand's popular UMA GT, featuring a reduced overall footprint and Shock-Absorb Damping Mono layup, with compressive foam layers in a 9mm endurance platform.

These three elements combine to make a performance women-specific chamois for all-day and all-ride comfort.

Compressive and durable material

Made from OSSIDA, a 40-gauge, circular-knit fabric, the ASSOS UMA GTV bib shorts feel silky-smooth against skin and offer the ideal level of compression and security on the legs.

Odour control and active cooling are permanently integrated into the OSSIDA material itself, rather than as a topical treatment. This makes for effective temperature regulation and a more enjoyable ride overall.

The fabric is also a deeper, richer black, which pops on the bike in full sunlight, and whilst the rays might bring out the best in the bib shorts, riders are protected by the material's excellent UV protection (UPF50+).

Fit for the long ride

Every element of the UMA GTV bib shorts has been carefully selected to create a comfortable and practical pair of women’s bib shorts which are engineered for endurance.

And the fit is no exception to this.

The UMA GTV bib shorts’ fit is based on ASSOS’ performance race models, but with a difference.

The bib shorts feature a zeroPressure Waist, which combines comfort with performance and essentially allows riders to enjoy a streamlined ride all-day, thanks to the elastic panelling.

The highly breathable panel of Tech Sheen Mesh which comes across the lower abdomen part of the bib shorts, accommodates riders riding in an aggressive bar drop position as well as deep breathing during hard efforts.

The bib straps are designed in the brand’s X-Frame shape, which limits vertical stretch across the lower back, stabilising the insert and main body panel, and as such produce a confident fit for every rider.

ASSOS has also introduced 6cm ultralight leg grippers which eliminate seams and create a secure hold, further elevating the stability and endurance fit of these shorts.

Performance above the rest

At £210, the bib shorts are at the premium end of the market, but with the expert level of technology and innovation involved, rightly so.

A good pair of endurance bib shorts is a must-have in any cyclist’s wardrobe, and the ASSOS UMA GTV bib shorts C2 are pedal strokes ahead of the rest.

The women-specific engineering, durability and high performance of these shorts make them an investment which will serve female cyclists well throughout spring, summer and autumn, and beyond.

Available through and from ASSOS stockists nationwide now.

Image credits: Michael Blann