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Power play: Introducing Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO

22 Feb 2022

With the release of the new POWRLINK ZERO pedals, Wahoo completes the set

Speedplay pedals have long been a much-loved fixture in professional and amateur cycling since the first product was released in 1991. In 2019, the company was acquired and revitalised by Wahoo, who eventually relaunched Speedplay with four products: ZERO, the stainless-steel race pedal; NANO, the super lightweight pedal; COMP, the more affordable chromoly pedal; and AERO, the single-sided aerodynamic pedal.

But given Wahoo’s history as a smart technology brand, it was clear that standard pedals weren’t the main reason for taking on Speedplay. The fifth product, the link between Speedplay and the rest of Wahoo’s range, has now been released after a year of waiting: the POWRLINK ZERO.

Wahoo is all about having one interlinked ecosystem for all your training needs with computers, smart indoor trainers, heart rate monitors, a watch and a training platform, so a power meter was the next logical step.

Although the rest of the Speedplay range has major benefits, it’s the POWRLINK ZERO that brings it all together. Cycling is so data-focussed now that power meters are essential for professionals.

For amateurs, it’s one of the most valuable tools for understanding your fitness levels, reaching your goals and comparing yourself to the sport’s top tier.

Zeroing in

With a system that uses a sleek and simple lollipop design and mechanics housed in the cleats, Speedplay pedals are dual sided as well as being lightweight and highly adjustable. Should you need it, you can adjust fore-aft position up to 13mm, left-right position up to 8mm, release angle up from 0° to 7.5° and float from 0° to 15°.

That means, for example, if you want to prevent your heels from pushing inside without preventing movement outwards, you can. They come with a rubberised cleat cover as standard too, which makes walking easier and prevents damage to the mechanism.

The POWRLINK ZERO is based around the standard ZERO design with a 55mm stainless steel spindle (the regular models are only slightly shorter at 53mm). The cleats are also cross compatible despite an increased stack height of 1.5mm, so you won’t need to sub out your old ones when making the move over.

It’s also available to buy as either a dual-sided or single-sided power meter to save a bit of cash or buy multiple for your different bikes. The pedals connect via Bluetooth or ANT+ to your Wahoo Fitness app, ELEMNT Roam, Bolt and Rival – or smart devices from other brands – and can link to multiple devices simultaneously for the most complete experience.

It’s even compatible with oval chainrings, if that’s your thing. Battery lasts up to 75 hours and LED indicators show your charge status so there’s no danger of running out mid ride. When the time does come to juice the pedals up, the Y-shaped charger means that both left and right can be plugged in at the same time.

In terms of the data, you get all the metrics you need for optimum training. Power output is accurate to +/-1% and isn’t affected by big changes in temperature and elevation. Of course, the pedals are waterproof too so wet weather isn’t a worry.

Cadence measurements are also provided both in real-time and to check out post-ride so you can track pedal smoothness and accurately do more tailored workouts. With the dual sided option, you can also check your left/right balance, which helps monitor any asymmetry in your technique to iron out creases of recovery from injury or general development.

The POWRLINK ZERO is lighter than its competitors, with each coming in at 138g, and they’re also more affordable than many of the other popular options, costing £549.99 and £849.99 for single and dual sided options respectively.

Ground Zero

Wahoo’s holistic approach means that with the POWRLINK ZERO added to your setup, you can formulate a training plan on its SYSTM app, track indoor ride data on a KICKR turbo, track outdoor training on the ELEMNT computer or watch with the TICKR heart rate monitor and POWRLINK ZERO power meter pedals.

No stone is unturned, no beat – or pedal stroke – missed and your training can be planned, measured and completed accurately and successfully for whatever your next goal may be and if you don’t have a goal, having power data at your fingertips might just provide you with one.

It means that all your data is collected and collated efficiently and effectively, with all devices working in harmony and all the stats you need provided to you in the same way and in the same place, removing all fuss and fiddling and making training as simple as possible.

It’s not just the power data that’s important though, it’s the platform it sits on that’s the real winner. Speedplay’s superior adjustability means it reduces fit-related issues – especially knee injuries – and maximises ride comfort with minimal effort. And, if you didn’t know, comfort is the new aero; the difference in performance between a comfortable and uncomfortable bike setup is stark.

For users of Speedplay pedals who want power and cadence data, it’s a no brainer. For those who haven’t tried them yet, the POWRLINK ZERO means there are no excuses left.

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