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How the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS +4G) on EE will help you push harder

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Staying active isn’t easy when life gets in the way, but the Apple Watch 3 can help keep you motivated

17 Nov 2017

Maintaining a training plan isn’t always easy – work pressures and family commitments can make it hard to find time to be active, and even when the time does present itself it’s sometimes hard to find the enthusiasm to just get out there.

One way to stay committed and motivated is to train as part of a group; join a running or cycling club, sign up for classes, or undertake a specific challenge that you train for with friends. But for many, training alone is the norm, and it’s that solitary environment that can make it tough.

There is an answer, though. There is a way to drive enthusiasm, push yourself harder, and compete against your peers even if you are training alone. The new Apple Watch on EE can deliver all the motivation to get you up off the couch, and train harder than ever.

The latest Apple Watch, uses the same number as your iPhone, so both the iPhone and your new Apple Watch need to be on EE if you want to call, message, use apps and stream music, without having your iPhone on you. If your iPhone is on another network and you buy the new Apple Watch, you simply won’t get access to all of the great 4G functionality.

Train light

Smartphones are great, and most of us would be lost without ours, but when you’re heading out for a run, or a workout in the gym, you don’t want to have to carry your phone with you.

Thankfully, EE’s 4G connectivity of the new Apple Watch gives you all the benefits of a high-end sports watch and smartwatch, without the need to have your EE iPhone with you, and the less you have to carry with you, the easier it is to get out the door and hit the trails, pound the pavements, or work up a sweat doing pretty much anything.

Musical motivation

Thanks to the mobile connectivity delivered by EE, you’ll be able to carry over 40 million Apple Music tunes with you, streamed directly to the new Apple Watch.

Nothing gets you more fired up for a workout than the perfect playlist, and having access to the entire Apple Music library means you’ll be able to find the perfect musical motivation for any activity. Oh, and it’s also a great way of making the most of your 6 months of free Apple Music that you can get with your iPhone’s EE pay monthly plan.

Challenge yourself

While competing with your friends is a great way to drive you on, your most important opponent is always yourself. For all athletes, no matter how serious they might be, a personal best is something to truly celebrate, and with the new Apple Watch, it’s easy to keep track of your past achievements and celebrate your new ones.

No matter what activity you indulge in, the new Apple Watch will have the perfect app to log your data over time, giving you a clear picture of whether or not you’re improving; and there’s no better indicator of improvement than setting a new personal best, whether it’s on your Sunday morning run, your Monday evening swim, of your Friday night cycle home from work.

Variety is the spice of life

Are you a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer, a rower, or a hiker? Why not be all of them and more? The latest Apple Watch can track a plethora of activity types, so why not mix things up a bit and add something new to your training schedule?

Perhaps you’ve avoided swimming because you can’t afford to be uncontactable while you train, but that’s not a problem with the new Apple Watch on EE. You can leave your phone safely in your locker and spend an hour or two swimming laps safe in the knowledge that you’ll still receive any messages, emails or phone calls while you’re in the water.

The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + 4G) can track just about any activity you fancy trying, so if you’re getting tired of the treadmill or weary of weight training, try something different to keep you motivated and committed.

The daily grind

Staying active isn’t just about training, it’s about making everyday changes, too. Whether that’s walking to work from the station instead of taking the bus, or using the stairs in the office instead of the lift, those small changes can make a big difference to your wellbeing.

But how can you stay motivated every single day? With the new Apple Watch and its tightly integrated activity tracking, that’s how. The latest Apple Watch splits its daily activity into three segments – Move, Exercise and Stand.

The Move segment is measured on active calories burned; essentially calories torched during some kind of activity. The Exercise segment is pretty self-explanatory, although you don’t need to be undertaking a specific activity – simply go for a walk and the Watch will log that in the Exercise segment automatically. Finally the stand segment requires you to make sure you stand up every hour of the day; or more accurately at least 12 out of 24 hours.

Each of those segments makes up an activity ring and every day you’re challenged to close all three of those rings by hitting your daily targets. You can tailor your targets to suit your own goals, and of course, thanks to the built-in connectivity provided by EE, you can share your achievements with your friends.

EE offers the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + 4G) from just £25 per month with unlimited data, and customers require an iPhone 6, SE (or later) on a EE pay monthly or EE SIM Only plan.