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Material gains: become a better cyclist with KYMIRA Sport

1 May 2018

What does it mean to be a cyclist? Among other things, it means to be someone who is always looking to better themselves, to be more aerodynamic, more powerful, lighter and smarter. Our time on the bike is a relentless battle to improve, to take the next step.

So what if I told you that the kit you wear could help you tick all those boxes? And I’m not just talking about making you more aerodynamic or keeping weight down, either. I’m talking about physiological changes – changes on the inside.

For instance, what if your cycling kit could help you hold your threshold power for longer, manage the decline better when it does come, and help your muscles recover quicker after you finish your ride?

In other words, what if you automatically became a better cyclist just because of the clothes on your back?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t – it’s exactly what KYMIRA Sport’s garments do.

The science

Using groundbreaking technology, KYMIRA Sport’s range of sportswear is tried and tested for enhancing performance and recovery and it’s now bringing that knowhow to the world of cycling.

It all starts with the construction of the fabric. Like your standard jersey and bibshorts, KYMIRA Sport’s PrO2 and Oynx cyclewear ranges are a mixture of polyester and elastane. What sets them apart are the additional materials blended into the weave.

Speaking to company founder and product developer Tim Brownstone, the science behind this innovative range is made simple.

‘We embed specific minerals into the fibre of the fabric to make infared waves,’ Brownstone says. ‘These minerals are selected based upon their emission spectrum for capturing and converting wasted energy.’

This energy can take a variety of forms, ranging from sunlight to body heat. It’s energy that would otherwise be lost, but is instead absorbed by the fabric, converted into infrared waves and emitted back into the body.

Able to penetrate up to 4cm of soft tissue, these infared waves stimulate a series of biological reactions in the body and it is these reactions that create a platform for your improvement as a rider.

Other brands offer similar technology, invariably through a coating on top of the fabric. What makes KYMIRA Sport unique is that the minerals are woven directly into the polyester mix itself, making them more resistant to washing and guaranteeing improved longevity.

From the moment you pull it on, KYMIRA Sport’s cyclewear improves blood circulation and respiratory efficiency, aiding pain relief and speeding up cell repair and replication.

Ride longer, ride harder

Brownstone uses a simple analogy to encapsulate the impact of KYMIRA Sport cyclewear.

‘Imagine you buy a new car. This new car has a more fuel-efficient engine and a larger petrol tank than your old car, so not only can you go further for each gallon of petrol, you can put more petrol in the tank in the first place.’

Or to put it in cycling terms, not only are you being made more efficient in your energy expenditure, you also have more energy to play with. And these biological effects are the same for everyone.

Increasing your blood circulation and respiration efficiency is something of a golden ticket, as it allows you to push at your maximum for longer.

So when you’re out on the road and hit your threshold power – riding a long climb, for instance, or putting in a big effort on the flat – that maximum effort level will last longer. 300 watts for five minutes could become 300 watts for seven minutes.

Once you begin to fade, you’ll also notice that the tail-off in your wattage is more stable and that the bell curve is elongated as you’re able to better sustain your effort even after dropping from your threshold.

As you finish this effort, KYMIRA Sport’s fabric will kick in again to help you recover quicker while still on the bike. Your cells will repair faster and the increased oxygen levels in the blood will help clear lactic acid faster. The pain relief effects will also take action. The result? Your legs will feel fresher and you’ll feel like you can go again sooner.

The benefits are obvious, and not just on longer endurance rides where stamina is key. The biological effects of KYMIRA Sport’s fabrics will also mean less tail-off in your power during sprint efforts, helping you match the power output of your first accelerations right through to your last efforts.

For KYMIRA Sport, the end of the bike ride does not constitute the end of its impact. Post-ride, its Core 2.0 leggings will continue that increased blood flow and faster replication of cells within the soft tissue to aid recovery.

The KYMIRA Sport range

While the science behind the product and its effects on the body are understandably intricate, KYMIRA Sport’s product line is simple.

There are two options available for both men and women – the PrO2 and Onyx ranges.

The menswear lines are identical in terms of construction. Both styles are cut with a ‘hybrid racefit’, which is fitted and clean without compromising on the comfort of the garment. Small details such as arm grippers and an inverted aero zip provide a professional feel.

The only difference is in the aesthetics, with the PrO2 featuring a patterned design and the Onyx being a more understated black affair with red armbands.

The women’s ranges are slightly different. While the Pr02 and Onyx jerseys are only distinguished by pattern, like the men’s, the bibshorts have technical differences.

The PrO2 women’s bibshort comes with a more race-oriented Y-frame racing strap and a more focused LaFonte HD ergonomic chamois while the Onyx comes with the traditional two strap approach and a more relaxed LaFonte Vigor pad.

The KYMIRA Sport PrO2 range retails at £150 for the bibshorts and £130 for the jersey, while the Onyx is priced at £130 and £115 respectively.

Both the men’s and women’s lines also include baselayer shorts, leggings and tops that can be worn either during the ride or for recovery post-ride.

Prices start at £50 for the baselayer shorts, with the Core 2.0 leggings and tops costing £80.

KYMIRA Sport products are available to buy from its website