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dhb: Freedom to Ride

7 Nov 2018

dhb’s new, innovative and advanced Aeron Equinox jersey will keep you riding fast, free and in comfort through autumn and winter

Vivid blue skies, a gentle breeze, golden leaves that conceal grey roads with an ethereal hue... as autumn turns to winter, it warms the soul.

That is unless you’re a road cyclist, of course, where the romance is somewhat chilled by falling temperatures. As an active roadie you’re left with three options: (a) face the elements and continue to ride outdoors, (b) turn to the turbo trainer or (c) lock your bike away until the clocks spring forward.

Bravely you choose option (a), which in the UK means dealing with temperatures that plummet to a mid-winter average of 3.7°C.

Throw in a further windchill drop of 5-8°C, depending on your average speed, and despite your best intentions the conditions either freeze your motivation or, thanks to your bulky bike jacket, leave you a sweaty mess.

So you choose option (b). But... turbo trainers for every ride? Really? No, no, no.

A further two weeks pass and you’re down the pub after falling back on option (c).

Cue weight gain, lethargy and discontent.

Thankfully, you have the perfect solution to see you through the off-season climate in the form of the new dhb Aeron Equinox long-sleeve jersey.

On its own, this lightweight, warm jersey maximises performance on autumn rides.

As winter takes hold, it can be layered up with gilets, base layers, jackets and more. In short, this is one versatile, comfortable jersey that’ll help you beat the cold without boiling you on the bike. Let us elaborate.  

Beating the cold

When you’re on the bike, the laws of nature dictate that your regular 50-mile Sunday morning ride will take longer.

Cold air is packed with more molecules per cubic metre than warm air, making it the molecular equivalent of a tight peloton, rather than the less dense atomic breakaway of summer.

In essence, you have more air to pedal through, meaning a longer, colder, slower ride.

It’s been shown that a 1°C drop in local temperature impairs muscle activation, resulting in a 10% drop in performance. That’s your average speed down from 18mph to 16.2mph.

A significant reduction – but dhb’s Aeron Equinox jersey prevents this performance drop to keep you riding further, faster and warmer thanks to intelligent use of advanced materials, as product manager Richard Land explains.

‘Based on extensive testing – in the lab and out on the road – we chose a peach-like, brushed fabric inner material,’ says Land.

‘This traps body warmth, as well as delivering impressive comfort and a luxurious feel. The arms also retain warmth as they’re woven from a tight-knit fabric, picked for its wind-resistant properties.’

A high neck helps keep out any draughts, and is a real standout compared with many autumn jerseys and their low-cut necklines.

The silicone gripper finishes things off by keeping everything firmly in place. 

Breathe easy, ride strong

The Aeron Equinox comes into its own on warmer autumnal rides but you can match it with a base layer and/or jacket for the start of winter before you slip into heavier apparel come the real cold weather.

Of course, every layering combination presents a twofold problem: overheating and lack of flexibility.

That’s where the Aeron Equinox’s unrivalled breathability comes in.

‘At the heart of the Aeron Equinox’s breathing innovation is the merging of two premium Italian fabrics,’ Land explains.

‘The main body is a lightweight polyester, which is extremely breathable to allow moisture and excess heat to escape, as well as providing much-needed freedom of movement, whether down on the hoods or drops.

‘That brushed-peach surface I talked about earlier also aids breathability.

‘It feels soft against the skin so it won’t stick to your arms when working hard, no matter what base layer you wear; not only that, but it also allows moisture to pass to the outer layer.

‘And because there’s no membrane in the arms, you can wear a waterproof jacket on top and not overheat. A soft-shell mid-layer alternative simply wouldn’t be able to do that.’

Ultimately, the Aeron Equinox jersey designers have struck the form-fitting sweet spot between warmth and moisture management.

Throw in a full-length YKK zipper for further venting, reflective detailing, three deep rear pockets and one zip pocket, and you have the perfect autumn/winter garment. 

Complement with gilet and tights

Of course, it’s not just the environment that affects your riding temperature. Your body type and fitness level both play a part too, as do fluctuations in ride intensity.

That’s where dhb’s new Aeron Alpha Direct gilet comes in. Its versatility matches that of the Aeron Equinox: it fits neatly into a middle pocket on the more intense hills, while on flat sections, its technologically advanced Polartec Alpha fabric adds warmth, at minimal weight and maximum breathability.

It’s the perfect mid-weight garment – and the ideal companion to the Aeron Equinox.

So is the new dhb Aeron Speed bibtight, with freedom of movement that maximises each and every pedal stroke.

It’s designed for autumn riding into early winter, and aims to fill that space between wearing bibshorts and full-on winter bibtights.

In short, it’s a tight made specifically for high-intensity rides in cooler climes. Two thermal yet lightweight fabrics both insulate and breathe, meaning you’ll remain dry and comfortable no matter how hard you ride.

That breathability is accentuated by the super-stretchy bib straps that feature a comfortable, open-back mesh-panel construction.

But it’s the pad where dhb’s experienced team has really gone to town, tapping into its long relationship with the Italian experts at Elastic Interface – regarded as the foremost manufacturers of bike pads – to choose the new and highly acclaimed Paris HP.

This pad features ultra-high-density foam inserts under the sitting bones for comfort, and – as the Elastic Interface team knows from experience, having tested the chamois extensively around its San Vendemiano base in the shadow of the Dolomites – the pad is impeccable for the longest of rides, even upwards of seven hours.

Whatever your ability and experience, the Aeron Equinox, Alpha Direct and Speed will add a nimble, lively, enjoyable feel to your autumn and spring rides to make your 2019 summer sojourns that much more productive.

That applies to all levels of rider, from the sportive newcomer looking to complete RideLondon next August to members of Canyon Eisberg, the British Continental team whose partnership with dhb continues next year.

The current 2018 Tour Series winners, including the three riders pictured – Rory Townsend (red), Alex Paton (green, stubble) and Charles Page (green, clean shaven) – will want to build on their success in 2019, and, like you, they’ll have a better chance of achieving their 2019 goals with dhb’s premium Aeron collection.