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Why a bike makes the ultimate kids' gift

Got a little person in your life? Why not get them a bike – the perfect Christmas present

19 Dec 2018

This feature was produced in association with Wiggle and first appeared in issue 52 of Cyclist magazine

Buy a child a bike for Christmas and you’ll give them a gift that they’ll long remember, and you might just instil in them a love of cycling and keeping fit that’ll stay with them all their life.

But with so many children’s bikes on the market it can be tough to know where to start, so might we suggest with Vitus?

You see, when Vitus’ designers were charged with coming up with a kids range, they looked at just about every other children’s bike brand out there to see who did what really well and used their findings as the basis for Vitus’ superb range.

Here, then, is what you get when you buy your child’s bike from Vitus…

First up, the frame. All of Vitus’ kids bikes use a 6061-T6 double-butted frame. This means the narrowest tubing possible is employed but reinforced (double-butted) near the joints to increase strength.

The forks are made from light but strong Chromoly, and are also double butted. The frame geometry, meanwhile, is specifically designed to be child-friendly.

In fact, Vitus’ designers spent an entire year creating a formula that optimises stability and control – both essential for building confidence in young riders.

The frame also features a low bottom bracket which further enhances stability and therefore safety.

And while we’re on the subject of safety, you’ll find all Vitus’ children’s bikes are fitted with high-quality Tektro V-brakes with short-reach levers – perfect for smaller hands to operate.

Maximum control and balance, meanwhile, were a priority again when it came to gearing which is why you’ll find easy-to-reach Shimano thumb shifters on the handlebars of the bigger models in the range.

Ease of use is also obviously a vital factor with kids’ bikes, which is why Vitus also focused closely on The Q-Factor when it came to the cranks.

The Q in this instance stands for ‘quack’ and is a reference to the wide waddling gait of ducks.

The narrower the Q Factor the more stable the bike is and the easier the pedals are to turn.

And, with low maintenance in mind, you’ll also find quick-release mechanisms for both wheels and the seatpost clamp on the largest models in the range (the 20 and 24).

Vitus’ kids’ bikes come in four different sizes: the 14 (named for its 14in wheel size) is the smallest and costs £189.99.

Next up is the 16 which costs £199.99, then there’s the 20 at £229.99, and finally the 24 at £239.99, which is the largest.

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