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Clean getaway with mudguards from SKS

12 Nov 2019

Arrive for a group ride in winter without mudguards and you won’t make many friends. On rainy club runs it’s not uncommon to find members with unguarded wheels banished from the bunch and forced to ride alone.

After all, who wants to accept a face full of spray from someone who is prepared to pay for an expensive bike, but is too stingy to cough up for a set of mudguards?

‘All anyone has to do is put themselves in the position of the person behind,’ says SKS brand manager Richard Samuels. ‘No one wants to be spitting out gravel for mile after mile.’

Rain can chill any rider’s performance – as we saw at the World Championships road race in Yorkshire, where only 46 of the 197 entrants completed the distance during heavy downpours – and can take its toll on kit too.

‘Your bike can end up covered in muck, expensive saddles get soaked in grime, as does your clothing. Then if you carry your phone in a rear pocket, that’s at risk too,’ says Samuels.

It’s not only roadies that suffer either – in fact, off-road use throws up even more reasons to cover yourself. With that in mind, SKS makes a huge range of high-quality mudguards, including dedicated models for road and gravel bikes.

‘Not only will our wide tyre-specific Speedrocker mudguards keep mud off, they’ll stop the gear in your bikepacking bags soaking up water too,’ says Samuels.

Mudguards may not be seen as a glamorous purchase, but with all its mudguards coming with a five-year guarantee, if you do choose SKS it’s a choice you won’t have to make often.

Not only that, but the trio of models featured here can be fitted and removed in seconds, even on bikes without traditional mounting points. ‘Fitting or removing mudguards used to be a half-hour job, messing around with allen keys and 8mm spanners,’ says Samuels.

‘Now, during any sunny spell, you can easily get yourself that summer bike feeling again by taking your mudguards back off in just a few seconds’.

1 Speedrocker, £49.99

Ideal for gravel bikes, the SKS Speedrockers will play well with any machine employing tyres between 32mm and 42mm. Whether it’s through mud, down gravel trackways, or across rough roads, they’re up for any challenge.

At the front, protection is enhanced with a new dual-height front spoiler that deflects water and mud onto the wheel and away from the rider’s face. Providing coverage approaching that afforded by traditional full-length mudguards, the rear unit employs an innovative telescopic extension for greater coverage towards the seat tube.

They are quick to fit, with both ends held steady by a new rubber fastening system that suits a multitude of frame designs. They also include integrated recesses for brake or gear cables as required.

Made for the knockabout world of gravel riding, the Speedrockers’ plastic blades aren’t afraid of the occasional bump and are supported by SKS’s equally robust new ESC Vario Safety System stays.

These lightweight anodised aluminium stays have been designed wider than normal. This allows them to run over the top of the mudguard to maximise clearance, helping them accommodate muddy tyres or flying debris.

2 Raceblade Pro XL, £49.99

These svelte mudguards suit road bikes with tyres between 25mm and 32mm, and once installed can be popped on and off with ease to react to the riding conditions. They offer extended mud flaps for additional spray protection, providing coverage only just behind that offered by permanently attached alternatives.

They’re happy to work alongside aerodynamic forks, disc brakes, direct-mount callipers and thru-axles.

‘The beauty of the SKS Pro XL mudguard is that it’s adjustable in eight places,’ says Samuels. ‘Additionally, you can also push the stays up or down to keep the arc of the blade in perfect alignment with your tyres.’

The ability to adapt them to follow the curve of your wheels means that, once in place, the Raceblade Pros appear as neatly tailored as any set you’ll find, while their stainless hardware will keep them looking good season after season.

They attach to your frame using quick release rubber straps, but can also be fixed in place with zip ties for a more secure attachment and come bundled with an adhesive protection kit to avoid damaging your paintwork. The result is clip-on protection that’s as quick to change as the British weather.

3 Raceblade Pro Stealth, £54.99

For the ultimate blend of performance and protection, look no further than the SKS Raceblade Pro Stealth. Designed to work with tyres up to 25mm wide, these sleek mudguards will sit pretty on any high-end machine.

‘With the Raceblade Pro Stealth we worked to create something that would perfectly match the finishes on modern bikes,’ explains Samuels. Taking the benefits of the already popular Raceblade Pro model to the next level, underneath their sleek matt finish is the same proven aluminium core design found on the standard model.

‘People think they’re just plastic, but there’s aluminium foil running inside,’ explains Samuels. ‘You have a roll of aluminium, then the plastic is poured over the top under heat and pressure before the mudguards are shaped and cut. The result is rigidity, strength and low weight.’

Once set up their attachment system means they can be fitted or removed in seconds, making them a quick-fitting mudguard to match the most stylish of racing bikes.

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