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Rapha: The warmth in winter

13 Aug 2018

The aim of Rapha’s winter range is to keep you riding when the weather doesn’t want you to. Stay on the bike when the temperature drops with the British brand’s latest garments for him and her.


Classic Long Sleeve Jersey II, £125
Classic Winter Tights With Pad, £200

The Classic Long Sleeve Jersey II is based on the design of Rapha’s much-loved original Classic Jersey, featuring the same signature contrast armband and range of understated colourways.

The odour-resistant merino wool-based fabric of the jersey provides insulation, breathability and next-to-skin comfort to cover a whole host of riding conditions, making the jersey ideal for all but the depths of winter.

The perfect partners to Rapha’s Classic Long Sleeve Jersey II are the brand’s Classic Winter Tights With Pad, which have been built to meet every demand in cold weather.

The Thermoroubaix fabric provides warmth down the legs and extends up around the lower back and kidneys too.

The fabric panels have been shaped so that there is just one seam that runs along the back of each leg to increase comfort and flexibility, and those seams join to a reinforced seat panel that provides abrasion resistance against the grit thrown up onto your saddle.

With daylight hours short, the bibtights have a reflective calf panel and reflective logos to improve visibility without compromising the tights’ refined looks. 


Souplesse Training Jacket, £160
Women’s Padded Tights, £160 

While its timeless style makes it seem the picture of simplicity, the Souplesse Training Jacket is a highly technical garment ideal for use throughout winter.

It uses a three-layer Polartec front panel to help stave off winter winds that would otherwise cut right through you, and the back of the jacket uses a lighter Thermoroubaix fabric to add an element of breathability.

The whole jacket has a durable water-repellent treatment so that it can shrug off showers while reflective details help you stand out in low light while still looking pro.

Rapha believes the best winter tights should go all but unnoticed, with uncomplicated comfort the priority.

The elegant Women’s Padded Tights have been designed to fit that brief, using as few panels as possible to minimise the possibility of seams chafing, while the front panel is doubled over rather than stitched.

Rapha says the dense knit of the Thermoroubaix fabric is mildly compressive and works to bead water off its surface, adding a touch of weather protection to the tights. It means they can be used comfortably not just in the cold but in the wet too – perfect for the British winter.