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Fun, freedom and affordability with e-bikes from E-Trends

There’s an e-bike to suit you at

29 Oct 2020

If you’re looking for ways to improve your fitness, make that journey to work less tiring or simply want to head off-road to unwind, an e-bike can give you that extra boost.

The E-Trends family of e-bikes is designed to give you the freedom to explore, connect and the satisfaction of exercising without becoming exhausted.


Fly: foldable and portable

Finding somewhere to store your bike at work or at home can be challenging. Fly, the foldable and portable e-bike has all the power of an electric bike combined with the convenience of a folding bike.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of an e-bike but can’t justify the cost, this entry level 250w Fly model at £699.99 is a great way to start your e-bike journey.

Fly comes into its own when travelling to work. In just a few steps the Fly folds up into an easy-to-carry design so you can take it on public transport without knocking or bumping into fellow commuters.

As soon as you get to work, plug it in (we’re sure the boss won’t mind) and in just four hours it’s ready to go. But just in case you want to charge under the radar, you can remove the battery for easy charging.

There are a lot of features to this entry-level model, including front and rear alloy V-brakes, a 16-inch steel frame, 20-inch wheels with aluminium rims, adjustable cushioned saddle, rear pannier, front and rear mudguards and reflectors.

As you make your way to work or to meet friends, the mounted battery display on the handlebar lets you check how fast you are travelling and how much battery life is left. When you’re feeling tired and counting down to the weekend, Fly gives you an extra pedal power boost, and single speed assistance ensures you can start your journey swiftly and smoothly.

A two-year warranty means that for anyone looking for an introduction to the world of eco-friendly commuting can do so with complete peace of mind.


City: shop and meet up

The popularity of e-bikes has soared during lockdown, but price can be a barrier for many families. The E-Trends City bike is an affordable, entry-level, step-through model in the classic Dutch style. Its unisex design includes 26-inch wheels with double wall aluminium rims, a front carrier, basket and rear pannier for those essential items.

City comes with six-speed Shimano gears, adjustable handlebars and adjustable sprung saddle to enure a comfy ride. As winter approaches, the LED front and rear lights provide safety in the dark, while front and rear mudguards reduce splash-back, meaning you can arrive at your destination safely without looking like you’ve entered a Mud Run!

Whether you are enjoying the weekend on two wheels or making your way into work, the City e-bike comes with a two-year warranty and at £899.99 is the perfect choice for the budget-conscious cyclist.


Trekker: off-road and robust

When you need something that can give you an extra power boost to confidently tackle tough terrain, the Trekker delivers.
The Trekker is an entry-level mountain e-bike designed with flexibility in mind.

It’s suitable for off-road exploration, and the 250W motor, lightweight aluminium alloy frame and tough 27.5-inch wheels with double-wall aluminium alloy rims give you the ability to tackle hills and rough terrain.

It’s not just for off-road, however. The Trekker’s seven-speed Shimano gears and range of up to 17 miles makes it equally suited to weekday commutes, and with a full charge in only four to five hours, you'll be at full power before your journey home.

Trekker’s three pedal power-assist modes give you an extra injection of speed when you need it. It can deliver speeds up to 15.5mph and allows you to determine just how quickly you reach that top speed.

Whether you want to explore the muddy trails of the countryside or arrive at work in style, the Trekker comes with a two-year warranty and is just £1,199.99.

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