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Specialized Jett: Small bikes with big ideas

21 Jun 2021

Because the best bike you ever own should be the first

No Grand Tour racer has ever given up cycling because of the bike they’ve been given to ride. Kids turning their first pedal stroke aboard an inefficient or uncomfortable machine, however, are more likely to be discouraged.

With that in mind, Specialized has dedicated the resources it normally applies to designing bikes for the fastest elite racers and focussed them on creating the best kids’ bikes imaginable. The resulting Jett range provides aspiring young riders with the best possible start in cycling, helping them learn the skills needed for a lifetime on two wheels.

Ready, Jett, Go!

To achieve this, ‘bring your kids to work day’ at Specialized headquarters in California saw a gaggle of 5- to 12-year-olds occupying spots conventionally taken by world-class athletes. They were subjected to the same testing and their input helped Specialized’s fitting experts design a range of bikes with the kind of dedication to biomechanical efficiency traditionally only seen on machines double the size.

This research means the Jett range can offer fully sized levels of comfort and efficiency but applied to the specific needs of younger riders. This includes both fundamentals like stack and pedal width, along with smaller details like correctly fitting components such as brake levers, handlebar grips and saddles.

Ridden to the park. Refined. Ridden to the park again. Debated over cartons of juice, and eventually signed off by the Jett’s squad of demanding beta testers.

The aim was to create something equal parts radical and practical – indeed with your child on such an efficient bike, you might find yourself needing to up your own performance since improvements in areas like weight and rolling resistance have an outsized effect for smaller riders.

Each of the three Jett models allows riders the easiest start possible, yet once up to speed places no limit on what they can achieve.

Three summers of riding

Because your child is likely to form a strong attachment to their bicycle, each bike in the Jett range is designed to stick with them for as long as possible.

There is a choice of 16, 20 and 24-inch models, and each is intended to last your child at least three summers. This is achieved through smart features such as easily adjustable saddle and handlebar heights and variable length cranks, allowing for a bike that remains proportionally perfect while supporting the widest degree of growth possible.

As your child grows in confidence each successive Jett bike also offers them more features, introduced in a logical order. The simple 16-inch single-speed base model lets them concentrate on the fundamentals of pedalling and steering, then you can choose to introduce gears on the 20-inch model or hold off until your child grows into the 24-inch bike.

All the bikes offer the same quality as Specialized’s adult machines, allowing multiple children to learn to ride over their expanded lifespan and ensuring enhanced resale value should you ever need to trade them in. 

Built for the road ahead 

Each Jett bike can be kept perfectly fitted to its growing rider using the Specialized Fit Tool app, which calls on the same data and expertise that informed the range’s creation in the first place. Designed by fitting specialist Retül, it allows quick and easy assessment of bike and rider, making the most of the bikes’ adjustable nature to help serenely navigate the growth spurts that might throw lesser bikes off track.

The Specialized Jett range

Jett 16” Single Speed

A massive sprint towards independence. The smallest Jett features a lightweight aluminium frame and effective V-brakes. The low swooping profile makes it easy for youngsters to keep their feet on the ground, while the extended seatpost and adjustable height handlebars mean it can easily accommodate growth spurts.

Jett 20” Multispeed or Single Speed

A level up in learning. The Jett 20” offers a choice between a single-speed drivetrain that’s simple to maintain and operate or a 7-speed transmission for riders ready to take on bigger challenges. Either way the gears are easy to spin, while the cranks on the multi-speed bike can be adapted as leg length demands.

Jett 24” Multispeed

The biggest of the Jett siblings. Thanks to its larger diameter 2-inch wide Pathfinder tyres, the Jett 24” is ready for adventures on all kinds of terrain. Its extended range of eight gears supports the adaptable geometry found across the Jett range that aims to deliver its riders three summers of perfectly supported cycling enjoyment.

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