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Join the action team with Cube Junior

7 Jul 2021

Cube creates the bikes and kit to give kids maximum enjoyment on two wheels

Kids are no less demanding than adults when it comes to cycling – whether it’s setting good habits by commuting to school under their own power, venturing out on the weekends or just tearing through the woods on a mountain bike.

Fortunately, along with its wide range of bikes, Cube produces a full range of miniaturised kit for aspiring youngsters.

From everyday essentials like helmets to more specialised items such as shorts, jerseys and gloves, Cube’s range ensures kids are free to make the most of their first years on the bike.

Grown-up protection for young riders

As kids gain new skills and increased autonomy it’s important to keep them protected. Yet while Cube’s helmets offer security in the event of a mishap, they also borrow the latest in styling from their adult peers so kids will reach for them without needing to be prompted.

Cube Talok helmet

The Talok is one of four helmets in Cube’s Junior range and promises to be a hit with young cyclists of all persuasions. Featuring a lightweight one-piece in-mould construction and integrated peak, it’s every bit as capable as its adult counterparts and offers a huge number of vents to keep hard-charging youngsters cool.

With extended coverage at the back for added protection, it also features one of the most recent innovations in helmet design.

Mips is an acronym for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. This sliding layer within the helmet aims to protect against rotational forces in the event of an impact.

Previously the preserve of high-end adult helmets, it’s now included across the Talok range. The helmet is finished with an integrated rear light for additional low-light visibility, and four striking colourways ensure there’s sure to be one to match your child’s bike.

Kit for style-conscious kids

While helmets are essential for any rider, a child’s first jersey can be almost as memorable as their first bike. Cube produces jerseys in a range of diverse styles designed to reinforce a young rider’s enthusiasm for cycling while providing them with the features needed to put this zeal to best use.

From the baggy motocross-inspired ActionTeam top – sure to be a hit with radical riders – to the streamlined Junior Teamline jerseys aimed at aspiring athletes, Cube’s jerseys will keep kids looking and feeling their best.

Cube Junior Race Gloves

With the top half covered, another major step towards becoming a serious cyclist is a pair of padded shorts. These are essential for making time in the saddle more enjoyable and comfortable, especially on longer rides, but finding options that not only fit correctly but that youngsters will want to wear can be tricky.

Not so with Cube’s range. Just like the pads in the best adult shorts, those found in Cube’s Junior models are made in Italy. However, unlike the pads included with some of their competitors, they’re perfectly proportioned for smaller riders. Pads are built into shorts with gently elasticated waistbands to prevent pinching, which along with silicone grippers to keep the legs firmly in place means they’re superbly comfortable.

Cube’s padded shorts are designed to be worn alone or underneath one of Cube’s off-road style baggy shorts. These rugged options will suit both young mountain bikers and anyone that prefers a more casual look. They are also available as a liner designed to pair with a second outer short for the fastest drying and most breathable performance possible.

To complete your child’s riding ensemble, Cube makes both short mitts and full-length gloves to protect little fingers. They’re thin enough to feel barely there but use grown-up features like a breathable outer and ventilated palm to keep young hands firmly in control.

Cube Jersey S/S X ActionTeam

It all adds up to a wardrobe that’s ready to take on any challenge, ensuring your child is ideally equipped to get the maximum enjoyment from their time on the bike.

Head off-road with Cube  

Because kids typically have a healthy appetite for excitement, it’s no surprise many develop an affinity for mountain biking. Zipping through the forest and learning the skills to whip round corners or master jumps is a great way to get youngsters active, introduce them to nature and teach them to take a few calculated risks, all while having loads of old-fashioned fun.

However, while mountain biking looks wild and uncontrolled, being away from traffic means it’s actually a remarkably safe pursuit. Cube’s extensive range of high-specification kids’ bikes are all off-road capable, meaning they are as much at home on local trails as on solid surfaces like tarmac.

Cube Junior Baggy Shorts

• Starting with its versatile early-years bicycles featuring wheels as small as 12 inches and growing to encompass full-suspension and disc-brake equipped machines, here’s a quick look at three key models... 

Acid 200 SL

Less is more. The Acid 200 SL offers an incredibly lightweight frame and fork paired to fast-rolling 20-inch wheels and a simple yet wide range of gears. It’s light enough for children to lift themselves but robust enough to let them take on hilly rides too. Grippy multi-surface tyres make it a good all-round option happy to split its time between the trails and the tarmac.

Acid 240 Disc (pictured)

Light, tough and equipped for off-road adventures. The hydraulic disc brakes are paired with levers specifically designed for smaller hands, while the SunTour suspension fork is tuned for lighter riders to improve comfort and control on rough trails. Elsewhere, wide-ranging Microshift Advent gearing and 24-inch wheels let you venture further.

Stereo 120 Rookie

Indistinguishable from the most capable of adult bicycles, the Rookie brings Cube’s famous Stereo range into the realm of younger riders. Rolling on 27.5-inch wheels, both its geometry and suspension have been specially created for lighter riders. With a wide-range Shimano 1x12 transmission, it’s all the bike little legs need to conquer full-sized mountains.

• For more information on the Cube Junior range, visit Cube's website