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Learn fast with Forme's Cubley and Kinder kids' bikes

5 Jul 2021

Forme’s bikes are designed and tested in The Peak District, with its team including elite road racers, mountain bikers, cyclocross champions, certified Go-Ride coaches and daily commuters.

Each of them uses their specific expertise to help create kids’ bikes that will inspire a lifetime on two wheels, and the result is a range that makes learning, progressing and finding your cycling passion as a child simple and enjoyable.

All kids deserve a great first bike. It’s why Forme’s early years Cubley and Kinder models provide the highest performance, widest adaptability, and greatest amount of fun possible.

Light and versatile, each takes features from the brand’s extensive range of adult bikes and condenses them to deliver those benefits to younger riders. The range starts with simple single-speed machines, before introducing your child to more advanced concepts such as gears when they are ready, while Forme also provides specialised mountain bike and drop handlebar models that are tailored to the needs of young cycling enthusiasts.

The Cubley range

Simple, light, and an ideal introduction to the joys of cycling, Forme’s Cubley range offers features that will leave adult riders jealous. The lineup starts with a 14-inch model, before making a stop at 16 inches and ending by rolling aboard 18-inch wheels, with each Cubley bike based around a quality aluminium frame.

The smallest clocks in at a featherweight 6kg, which goes a long way to help young riders manoeuvre their new bicycle with a minimum of stress. This low weight and adept handling is achieved partly thanks to a one-piece bar and stem, and partly through quality components including easy-rolling Kenda tyres and size-specific alloy cranksets.

Simple single-speed drivetrains are used across the range, making them easier to maintain and less prone to damage if dropped. The bikes’ comfortable saddles and downsized V-brake levers ensure all contact points perfectly match the proportions of their young riders, allowing them to concentrate on the fundamentals without the distraction of having to find the correct gear. Quick-release adjustment makes it easier to account for growth-spurts, or share bikes between friends or siblings.

Step up with Kinder

Following on from the Cubley bikes, the Kinder range is designed to level up your youngster’s riding experience. Covering 20, 24 and 26-inch wheel sizes, the focus is on letting budding cyclists build on the skills they’ve already learned as younger riders.

One way the Kinder bikes achieve this is via the introduction of multiple gears. Allowing for greater riding efficiency, their addition puts longer distances and more testing terrain within reach of their young pilots. At the same time, the use of a single front chainring paired to a wide-ratio cassette means gear selection remains incredibly simple.

Even the smallest models feature rapid-fire shifters rather than cheaper twist-shift alternatives to bridge the gap to the operation of the parts found on better quality bikes. Because youngsters don’t need a frame overbuilt to accommodate adult-sized riders, Forme has been able to create a range of off-road-capable kids bikes as light as can be found anywhere.

The high-quality Kenda tyres fitted across the range further keep the weight down and boost efficiency through their reduced width and volume. They’re still able to provide plentiful grip and cushioning but are far more efficient than the tractor-like treads thoughtlessly attached to some children’s bicycles.

Onwards to anywhere

While both the Cubley and Kinder models are designed for maximum versatility, when it comes to moving on, your child may have already developed an affinity for a particular style of riding. Youth-focussed club cycling is exploding in popularity, while independently minded youngsters might be ready to follow their own path towards a specific discipline and are looking for a bike to take them there.

To help them on their journey, Forme offers the front suspension-equipped Curbar and the full-suspension Black Rocks mountain bikes. Sitting alongside these, the drop handlebar Calver is a miniaturised version of the elite-level cyclocross bike of the same name.

It’s able to tackle everything from a first road race to a multi-terrain gravel adventure, and is a machine made to match the ambitions of even the most enthusiastic young riders. Plus it’s almost certainly the bike you wished you’d owned as a kid.

The Bike Club: Swap rather than shop

Riding a bicycle that’s the incorrect size can be an offputting experience for an adult rider, but it’s even harder when you’re starting out. Forme makes bikes in a wide range of size increments, so there will always be a bike that’s the perfect fit for your child. However, given the rate at which children grow, this does mean upgrading every few years.

Happily, Forme bikes are also available through The Bike Club. This scheme allows parents to rent bikes for as little as £9 per month, which removes the temptation to put your child on a bicycle that’s either too big or too small. Then as soon as they’re ready to move up a stage, simply book a collection and the next model will be delivered straight to your door.

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