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Improving your riding and training with Garmin’s Rally pedals

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23 Aug 2021

Detailed data during and after cycling can help to refine your riding

The ongoing advances in cycling technology have done wonders for our understanding of how we use our bikes and our changing and developing levels of fitness as we try to push ourselves harder and further.

Garmin’s newest Rally power meter pedals are the ideal tool for getting to grips with your performance and understanding the best ways of improving your power, speed and consistency from day-to-day rides to the toughest challenges.

Check out the video below to see how Juliet Elliott used Garmin Rally to assess her performance on the legendary Cheddar Gorge climb

The pedals come in three options. Rally RK pedals are designed to be compatible with Look KEO cleats, Rally RS with Shimano SPD-SL cleats and Rally XC with SPD cleats. This makes Garmin the first brand to release Shimano-compatible power meter pedals that work straight out of the box.

The pedals are also quick and easy to install, meaning that it’s easy to swap them between bikes if you want to train on more than one of your bicycles. Conversion kits are also available separately, allowing you to switch between pedal types with a single Garmin power meter spindle for those who ride a range of disciplines, such as racing cyclocross in the winter or planning a touring trip.

This versatility makes it all the more easy to get to what we’re really after: the data. The pedals are accurate within 1% and can give you insights not only after your ride but during it. Compatible head units allow you to assess your performance during your ride, offering detailed cycling dynamics including total power, cadence, left/right balance, seated versus standing, platform centre offset and power phase. These allow you to refine your ride as you go, pinpointing areas in need of improvement so that you can perfect your technique.

Post ride, your in-depth data can be reviewed on Garmin Connect, Strava, Training Peaks or TrainerRoad. Each platform outside of Garmin Connect displays varying degrees of the data, while Garmin Connect will display everything.

Garmin Connect also assesses whether the majority of your ride was anaerobic or aerobic, allowing you to target the power systems aligned with your goals. You can view the time spent standing vs seated, which could be helpful if you’re trying to minimise standing in order to conserve energy on a long ride.

With the detailed data supplied by Garmin Rally pedals, you can compare rides and identify areas of weakness and strength, ultimately incorporating these insights into training plans that will help you reach your goals.