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Trek Checkpoint 2022: New 'progressive' geometry and top-end SLR model

Trek has reinvigorated the geometry of its Checkpoint gravel range and added a race-refined SLR model that borrows premium road features

Will Strickson
30 Sep 2021

Trek has released the latest update to its Checkpoint gravel bike range, including the introduction of a new SLR model that the brand hails as its 'lightest, fastest gravel bike ever'.

Initially launched in 2018, the Checkpoint has been marketed as an adventure gravel that offers versatility above all, ticking the desired boxes for gravel and road riding, commuting or for leisure rides.

With its 2022 bikes Trek is hoping there's something for everyone and says each model offers its own USP as well as the obvious price differences.


Trek Checkpoint 2022 range, frames and geometry

Before we get into the individual models, there are of course several details that feature across the range. This starts with a new 'progressive' geometry – phrasing that tends to be used more in mountain bikes, something which Trek certainly have some experience in – that means adding 2cm to the front-center through longer top tubes and reaches, with shorter-reach stems and bars to make up for it, as well as longer chainstays.

That, alongside the clearance for 700×45mm or 27.5×2.1in tyres on all the bikes is designed to create a speedy and agile, yet stable and controlled ride.

Trek Checkpoint ALR 2022 spec, weight and pricing

The most accessible model of the range is the Checkpoint ALR 5, it's built with a 300 Series Alpha aluminium frame and carbon fork that brings the weight to a claimed 9.75kg and Trek labels it as 'the utility-focussed bike in the line-up' with plenty of mounts for mudguards, bags, bottles and racks and internal cable routing.

As you'd expect it's finished off with heaps of Bontrager kit including tubeless-ready Paradigm SL wheels with CenterLock flat-mount disc brakes and comes equipped with a Shimano GRX RX600 groupset and an 11-speed Shimano 105 cassette.

Costing £2,250 it's still not cheap but Trek notes it's 'more than capable' of taking on commutes, adventure rides and races.

Buy the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 now from


Trek Checkpoint SL 2022 spec, weight and pricing

Next up is the Checkpoint SL, of which there are a three: SL 5, SL 6 eTap and SL 7 eTap.

Formerly the top of the Checkpoint range, the SL bikes are carbon-framed and now marketed as the most adventure-ready of the bunch with plenty of mounts, internal cable routing and internal tool storage in the down tube as well as terrain-smoothing features including the IsoSpeed decoupler that allows for extra seat tube movement to dampen rougher surfaces and dropper post compatibility.

They're all built with Trek's 500 Series OCLV Carbon – OCLV being Optimum Compaction Low-Void and involving a handy lifetime warranty – and differ when it comes to componentry.

The SL 5 has the same specifications as the ALR 5 with those Paradigm SL wheels and Shimano GRX groupset, weighs only slightly less at a claimed 9.65kg and will set you back a good amount more at £3,200.

Buy the Trek Checkpoint SL 5 now from

The SL 6 eTap is kitted out with SRAM's new wireless 1×12 Rival eTap AXS groupset and has Bontrager Paradigm Comp 25 wheels. Trek says it weighs 9.05kg and costs £3,750.

Buy the Trek Checkpoint SL 6 eTap now from

Topping out this model cluster is the SL 7 eTap which goes a step further with a 2×12 SRAM Force eTap AXS groupset and Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V OCLV Carbon wheels that apparently take the weight down to 8.9kg. There's a huge leap in price to get here though as this one comes in at £5,750.

Buy the Trek Checkpoint SL 7 eTap now from


Trek Checkpoint SLR 2022 spec, weight and pricing

Hot off the press, straight to the top of the range is the new Checkpoint SLR, geared mainly towards racing with aerodynamic tube shaping inspired by the lightweight Émonda road bike frame and built with the 700 Series OCLV Carbon. They also all come with 2× setups.

While the need for speed takes over it still has mounts for bags and mudguards – though not racks – and internal storage in the down tube.

The SLR also boasts a new level of IsoSpeed technology. While the SL had seat tube IsoSpeed, here you've got a new top tube IsoSpeed, meaning it goes a step further on damping bumps by adding even more movement where the seat and top tubes meet. A similar system is used on the Madone SLR and Domane SLR bikes, however in those instances it is an adjustable IsoSpeed whereas the Checkpoint features a non-adjustable version that's said to minimise weight and maximises compliance.

There are another four bikes in the SLR umbrella: SLR 6 eTap, SLR 7, SLR 7 eTap and SLR 9 eTap.

The SLR 6 eTap and both SLR 7s come with Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V OCLV Carbon wheels, though the SLR 6 eTap has the wireless 2×12 SRAM Rival eTap AXS groupset while the SLR 7 is equipped with a 2×11 Shimano GRX mechanical groupset and the SLR 7 eTap has the wireless 2×12 SRAM Force eTap AXS.

Weight-wise the SLR 6 eTap is actually lighter than the SLR 7, with Trek claiming their weights at 8.65kg and 8.81kg respectively though the price of the 6 is set at £6,450 to the 7's £7,650.

Buy the Trek Checkpoint SLR 6 eTap from and the Trek Checkpoint SLR 7 now from

Meanwhile the SLR 7 eTap is said to be 8.45kg and costs £7,800.

Buy the Trek Checkpoint SLR 7 eTap now from

Top of the top is the SLR 9 eTap, which has SRAM's highest groupset in the wireless 2x12 Red eTap AXS with a 10-44t cassette. It's also kitted out with Bontrager's lightest – and 'fastest ever' – wheels in the Aeolus RSL 37.

All that high-end tech supposedly brings the weight down to 8.1kg, however it will also require a cool £11,000.

Buy the Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 eTap now from

For more information and to view the full Trek Checkpoint range visit