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How to prevent a stuck carbon seatpost

Posh carbon frame or seatpost? Don't let them become stuck with this simple post wash guide.

Joseph Delves
10 Dec 2015

When it comes keeping your carbon seatpost moving freely, prevention is so much better than cure.

This is one of those jobs that you just want to put off until the next time. Don’t! A few of us here at Cyclist have worked as mechanics in the past and we'd struggle to recount the amount of hours (and money spent) on stuck carbon seatposts.

A really bad case can even write-off a frame. So instead of risking it, follow these simple steps every few months, especially when it’s rainy…

1. Pop the seatpost out and turn the frame upside-down to drain out any trapped water. Carbon doesn't like harsh chemicals. A little silicone spray on a rag is enough to clean the dirt off.

2. Wipe the post. Check the lacquer is intact. This is particularly important if it proved to be difficult to remove. If it's dull or the material below looks swollen it may need replacing.

3. Covered by a rag, run your finger around the inside of the seat tube. Remove the clamp is necessary. Once everything is clean, pop the post back in. Carbon parts don't like grease so leave them as they are.

4. If the post moves in the frame with the seat clamp tightened to the correct torque, a sparing application of carbon fibre assembly paste can increase the friction between the two parts.

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