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Cyclist's turbo trainer playlist #1: 25 dance tracks to accompany your turbo sessions

Joe Robinson
11 Jan 2021

Here are 25 dance tracks that we think are perfect for your indoor workout

Dance music is just about the only music you need when riding on the indoor turbo trainer. Not sure you agree? Well, just listen to what I have to say. I’m a child of the satellite television era. I was born in 1994 which means when I hit the age of 14, the first of your prime television watching years, it was 2008 which was the halcyon days of cable.

It was a time before digital became all ‘On-Demand’ and ‘Series Link’, when it simply consisted of a few hundred channels around the world, some you could watch and some your parents would make sure you couldn’t watch. Each day, before and after school, I would devour what came out of that little black box.

And among all the WWE wrestling and Takeshi’s Castle that my mind endlessly consumed, etched deepest into my brain is my memories of Clubland TV, a dance music channel that the internet describes as airing ‘various sub-genres of dance music, such as dance, EDM, electronic, techno, trance, Eurodance, house, remixes, garage, K-pop & dance-pop.’

You know the stuff. That donking thud of a 130bpm EDM beat, the shrieking klaxon sound of techno, the smooth melodies of a session singer on a trance track and the odd cover of a 1980s classic just with added garage bass. I think I could deconstruct the music videos, for good and for bad, in their own 5,000-word thesis. It was my obsession.

This obsession waned with age as during my late teenage years I tuned into The Smiths, The Cure and any other band that made me look introspective and superior. But the guilty pleasure of dance remained, simmering in the background.

But this simmer went to a fully-fledged boil when my current infatuation with cycling blossomed as these two entities are intrinsically linked.

As I started trotting across the Channel to watch cycle races for business and pleasure, I realised France, Belgium, Spain and Italy were nations that never grew out of that 14-year-old teenager phase and banging dance music was still very much the soundtrack of choice for almost every cycling race.

From tranceheads like Tom Boonen and Niki Terpstra to the EDM beats that echo up an Alpine pass at the Tour de France, dance music is everywhere in cycling and I’m completely here for it.

Now, during these days of self-isolation, my time spent on the turbo trainer has increased as I try to keep the bad thoughts and boredom at bay. Time spent riding around Watopia, waiting for the word that will free us back onto the streets. It’s a challenge, but a necessary one, and one that has been made only possible by cycling’s best musical friend and the sounds of my adolescence.

Below, I’ve created my own turbo trainer playlist that I want to share with you. It’s 25 songs and just under two hours so plenty for any indoor session. It’s a mixture of some of the most memorable songs from the Clubland days and some that you’ll recognise from any pro race roadside.

Cyclist digital writer Joe Robinson's turbo trainer playlist

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