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Cyclist's turbo trainer playlist #2: Perfect tunes for an hour-long session

Amateur Hour Lap -Rob Milton
Joe Robinson
9 Apr 2020

In 2015, Cyclist sent its own Stu Bowers to attempt the Hour Record and here is the playlist he used

Back in the halcyon days of 2015, when the editorial team of Cyclist were younger and without children, we attempted a few challenges that were not for the faint-hearted. Chief among those was taking on the Hour Record.

Because wind the clocks back half a decade and taking on the Hour was all the rage. In fact, in 2015, six male and two female athletes took the boards in order to take the prestigious record.

After UCI rule changes, the chance of being crowned the man or woman to cover the furthest distance in sixty minutes, arguably the purest of cycling efforts, became achievable.

Rohan Dennis took it from Matthias Brandle. Alex Dowsett took it from Dennis. Bradley Wiggins took it from Dowsett.

Amateur Hour Exhausted -Rob Milton

And among those seven efforts undertaken by professional athletes, one further Hour Record was undertaken by our very own Stu Bowers.

Not a professional, just a bike journalist who has the ability to ride a bike very far and very fast.

To get him ready, we set Bowers on an extensive training programme, improved his position aerodynamically and kitted him out in the best equipment available at the time. We also built him the perfect Hour Record playlist.

Music is proven scientifically to be a massive performance enhancer, hence why it's banned in British Cycling performance lab tests.

Luckily there was no such ban here and our colleague James Spender squirrelled away for hours to create this playlist.

It is 17 songs long, a touch over the hour to assist with warm-up and cool down and probably the most inspirational set of tunes you'll ever listen to. Probably.

Oh, and if you're wondering, Bowers managed 44.750km, just the 10km short of Wiggins's distance.

Cyclist Editor-at-Large Stu Bowers's Hour Record playlist

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