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Where to buy Cyclist magazine: Many of our stockists are still open as is the Cyclist Shop

Find out which shops stock Cyclist magazine with our online stockist checker

Cyclist magazine is available to buy in shops, but which ones? Well here’s a handy tool to help you find out. Simply click this link, pop in your postcode (using the format XXXX XXX – be sure to put that space) and hey presto, a comprehensive list of shops in your area currently stocking Cyclist magazine*.

Of course, if shopping is a stretch, we will also deliver the latest issue to your door via our online shop:, along with our all-new gravel magazine, Cyclist Off-Road. Or if that’s not convenient enough, cut out the middleman and keep your postie gainfully employed with a Cyclist subscription, just £5 for three issues.

So keep reading, keep riding and, most importantly, stay safe.

*Yes we know this page looks incredibly budget, but that’s because it’s all function, no fraff – though please be aware this does not indicate real-time stock.

And just because you’re here, you’ve read this far and this whole thing got us thinking about web pages, here are a few factoids for the day.

The first official World Wide Web page went live in November 1992, published by the ‘father of the Internet’, Tim Berners-Lee, over at that clever institution CERN, they of the Large Hadron Collider. It is, we think you’ll agree, wonderfully basic.

However, in spending too long researching the origin of the web page, we came across this, which has to be our favourite –

According to the internet, is the oldest still-live domain name, registered on 18th September 1986 (domains preceded the World Wide Web by some years, existing as addresses for computers on closed networks).

It’s for an IT consultancy, which makes its disdainful tone and closing line just brilliant: ‘This Web page exists primarily to satisfy the needs of those who expect every domain to have a Web presence.’

A bit like Cyclist really. Because, ‘We exist primarily to satisfy the needs of those who expect the pursuit of cycling to have quality magazines and websites dedicated to it.’

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